Hi everyone, new 650r owner

i am now the proud owner of a 2001 xr650r motor that i got from a guy for $500 that needs a new top end. I have done much research on the motor the last few days and know about the clutch bushing problem and poor stock carb and will be addressing these isssues.

i know some of you may frown on this but i am having the motor put into a trx450r frame, yes its a quad. The guy dave from prp racing said he does motor work but i am going to talk to him tomorrow to make sure he had done 650r work before as it sounds completely different from other 4stroke motors i have worked with in the past, mostly quads and outboards.

I was wondering if there is anything else i need to have done the the motor while it is apart and in the shop?? i am probably gonna have the head completely reworked which is gonna cost me $500 he said and i am thinking about going with a 700cc kit if i can find one and also a cam.

I am also probably going to get a vortex ignition but it says it needs a flywheel mod, although i am not exactly sure what needs to be done?? Also is there anything else on the bottom end i should address while its down??

Any info you guys can give me will be very appreciated. You guys have an awesome discussion board going here so keep up the good work!! Thanks in advance guys.


Welcome to TT and enjoy the mods, sounds like you got a big list of parts to order HEHE you must be a HP freak with everything your talking bout there.

680 motor, Stage II cam, Eddie carb and new can, you will be pleased............

can you kick it over with the stock kickstarter it that frame??I heard someone doing this and had too push start it when it was done. But it was a real hoot when it was going!

Thanks everyone for the advice. Yes I will be addressing the issue with the kickstarter and yes I am a power junkie :banghead: I just wanted to get your guys opinions on the xr's ignition. Does anyone know if it uses a 3d or 2d mapping system and if it would be possible to use trx's ignition? Thanks again dudes!

BWB, what issues do I need to address with the rod besides rebuilding it? Thanks

I just got done with about 3 hours of research and i think it will be way easier to just use the 450r's harness since it has all the switches and everything. at first i thought i would just have to rewire the cdi box but then i got to thinking why wouldnt the 450r cdi work??? the only reason i can think of why it wouldnt work is if the timing advance may not be good for the xr motor. Can anyone here tell me why the 450r ignition wouldnt work?? i mean technically all it does is pickup the pulse from the flywheel and sends it to the coil right???

Stick an XR400 CDI in it,it will help especially in a heavier unit.

do you know if the xr400 cdi box will plug into the 450r's wiring harness?? thanks.

well guys i finally found some electrical schematics for the xr and the trx and there is just no way they will interchange. the xr uses a totally different kind of pickup and signal than the trx. from what i understand the trx actually has two pickups on the flywheel which sends a binary code to the cdi which uncodes it to read the engine rpms. i will be using the factory xr harness but i was wanting to go with a higher rev limit. i have done a search on the vortex ignition but doesnt seem to have much info on it. if anyone has one let me know what they thought.

The Vortex does work but it's very expensive.

See if you can advance the pickup somehow,or conversely advance your mechanical (CAM) timing for more hit.

Well after spending a couple hundred hours reading all the posts from you guys about the big red pig as you guys call it :banghead:. I have decided to get me one as soon as I am done with the quad project! The guy I bought the motor from was selling everything for 1500 so I am thinking of going ahead and getting it also. If I cannot find another motor for less than 2000 which seems to be the going price then I will just wait and get a complete bike.

If anyone here is interested in buying a 2001 xr650r with some aftermarket goodies and suspension in California for about $1000 or less let me know and I will give you the guys info. My email addy is toxicpuker@aol.com later guys.

Sounds like a cool project. How much is this going to cost altogether? I guess it really depends on what you want to put in it.

I think Honda already makes a fuel injected 686CC (102 x 84mm) electric start quad from a reworked 650R motor.


Just a thought - Maybe you can keep the bike you bought, repair the motor and buy a new quad for cheaper than the project and another used bike.

So far I have 2k in the project and gonna spend another 2k on the motor. The new Honda will have an 8 to 9k price tag and has IRS which makes it heavy as hell. Maybe we can refer to it as the big black pig :banghead:

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