Transmission Woes

Has any one had any problems with thier transmissions, ie. bent or broken gears? I bent 4th gear and am having a helluva time trying to find the replacement parts. My dealer told me that Yamaha has taken 4th gear of the shelf and that they will be coming out with a replacement sometime in May. Has anyone had any problems with thier 4th gear? I'm wondering if there is going to be a recall or warranty.

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You trying to start a rumor?

4th gear didn't bend on mine, I just hammered it between fourth and fifth for 1400 miles.

Now it pops out of fourth.

I kinda thought something would break...

It ain't no xr...

Let me know what happens.



I wish it was a rumor. I was drag racing a couple of my buddies in the sand. On the third pass, my chain broke under hard acceleration. When we were putting the chain back on, we noticed that the countersprocket would get hung up in nuetral and we had to force the wheel around through this sticking point.

After getting the chain on, the gears would still hang up. I was able to ride it and it shifted fine through all the gears but I knew something was up. We thought it might be a bent shifting fork. Anyways, making a long story short, after breaking the motor down, I found no gears with broken teeth. There was only a bent tooth on the 4th pinion gear. I called the dealer to order to order both a new pinion and wheel gear and after a week only the pinion came in. The wheel gear he said is being "succeeded" and that Yamaha is takeing them off of the shelf and replaceing them. The problem is that they won't have the replacement until after the first part of May. That is why I am asking the question if anyone else has had a problem with their 4th gear in particular. If they are taking them off of the shelf and replacing them I would think that they must be having a problem with them. The dealer told me this would not be fizxed under warranty. Surprise surprise.

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