oil cooler, really? plus protapers installed

didn't want to hijack the last thread about oil coolers, so here's my own -

is an oil cooler really all that necessary on an L? You guys that do it, is it only for specific use of your machine? i.e. a lot of highway or all-day rides. It just seems that if jetted right, that engine will chug along just fine without. I haven't seen anything over 250F, even in the tight stuff at higher altitude and 90-100F outside. And I don't run syn.:busted:

On another note, I just installed protaper CR hi bends last night. Not too keen on shaving off those little retaining stumps on the starter and light switches, but even less keen on drilling a hole into a highly engineered aluminum bar. I put some duct tape under them (sticky side down) and that seemed to give them a little more to bite to stay put. Haven't had a chance to ride yet due to rain in SoCal, but they feel like a man's bike should.:banghead:

dont think you have to worry about shaving those locater tits off the accessory switches, ive done it before on other bikes without any problem as im not drilling bars like you said. I will use a cooler cus for me in the desert it will help alot for riding. Heck i even noticed that when i rode the pig to work day after thanksgiving i was still right on 200 degrees going to work AND it was in the high 20s and low 30s for temp???? was surprised but oh well XR400 cooler mod here i come.

plus one on the xr400 cooler... a worthwhile mod. ive heard of 20 deg. temp. drop with these installed. it really cant hurt.

cut those locator dowels off, no prob.

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