missing [air?] parts on left engine side XR650L 06

Hi all,

I'm new here.I've heard about this great forum.

Just bought XR 650 L 2006 from friend from some auction.I couldn't see or try that bike before,so he found and bought this one.

First I noticed 2 holes on left [outside] engine cylinder.Wierd.Then I found few more missing parts on left side.Engine works great btw.It has WhiteBros 2 exhaust.

Then my friend came with exact same bike and we found out that there is on left side on engine missing all the air parts.

Then,we found that there was dome some modifications on the carburettor too.

So probably jetted and modet it.It is much powerful then friends stock bike.

But I'm woried.Is it safe for engine? I will do 50/50 driving.

Not only is it safe, it's recommended.

It has been "de-smogged". That is the air pump on the side of the engine has been removed and the carb has been re-jetted and an aftermarket pipe has been installed. I'll bet that if you look at the air filter it's not a stock paper one either.

Your friend need to do these same mods to his as his is running lean and probably pops on deceleration.

Good luck with your new bike.

Ok.I'm kinda new to bikes.I was affraid of screwing something up.

Thank you for your help :banghead:

get some pics and then well know exactly what your dealing with Nice score and welcome to TT brother

yes, some pics will positively show us what you are talking about for sure. you are most likely right though. wont cause you any problems either. it is a definate positive to remove the smog equipment and rejet these pigs.

I'd like to show some pix,but I don't have a own web page.I can send it anyone who'll PM me his email thou.

But yea,I checked that again and tube,that suppose to go to air pump,goes from air filter directly to the engine block.Under the carburettor.

It runs as hell.I'm bit new.Rode few times on motocross bikes back in Europe.

Today I was driving in apartment complex [because it doesn't have a all papers yet],and I just opened it bit and front wheel started flying almost 2 ft :banghead:

that's fun ;-)

can't wait to drive it offroad.

just go to photobucket.com. its free and easy to post pics once you get used to it.

Id say send em ot me but i cant get email from work and its late here today, someone maybe can help. Or join PhotoB like he said and easy to do from there.

Nice XRL. Thats just the remnants of the smog removal mod.

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