auto-decompressor with HotCam

Here's the deal: My 650R had a Stage 2 HotCam in it when I bought it, that was supposedly installed by a Honda dealer. I've seen other people ask whether it was possible to retain the auto-decompresser when they installed a HotCam in their 650. I know that it's possible, and assumed that mine was in there because it was installed by a Honda dealer. My bike has always been easy enough to start, so I never really gave it much thought. But my brother just bought a 650R and his bike is MUCH easier to start than mine (it's completely stock - not even uncorked). So I opened the HotCam box that the previous owner had given me to see what part were in there. Since I didn't install the cam myself, I'm just not really sure what I'm looking at (besides the stock cam). All the extra little bits and pieces kinda make me think they didn't put it back in there. What I'm a little bit concerned about though, is the broken part on the far left. What is that part, and was it likely broken before or after it was removed from the bike? If the auto-decompresser isn't in there, what do I need to reinstall it?


doesnt use it. at least on my L this is a fact. i assume its the same for the R.

I called HotCams, but the guys I talked to didn't seem to know much about the application. He couldn't tell me whether it retained the auto-decompressor or not. So I called XR's Only and they told me 'No. None of the aftermarket cams retain the auto-decompressor'.

my L still cranks over the same as it used to. i only occasionally notice a slowdown in cranking speed.

the longer duration of these cams lowers the compression slightly, so they figure its not needed.

Just reread what I thought I understood about HotCams and the auto-decomp. Somebody was asking about whether the MANUAL decomp would still work. I just wasn't paying close enough attention.

Thats the stock cam and the other parts are from the auto-decompression clutch, someone must have taken the clutch off of the cam, you dont need an auto decomp.

Thanks. I was still curious to know whether that part had failed in the engine, or had been broken after it was disassembled.

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