Ouch! sore neck

Do any of you guys wear a neck brace when riding? After a 50 mile ride I feel like I wore all the cartledge (sp?) out of my neck. :) Thanks!

Yup! My sons wear them, too. Spine and neck bones are the ones you DON'T want to injure!

I got hit straight down on top of my head (at work) in Dec '00, by a 200 lbs+ chunk of ice, jamming my neck badly. Day after cutting the deal on my WR. (Knocked out,15 stitches, permanent cartilage damage, misaligned vertebra). Same type of injury suffered by Christopher Reeve.

(Company really helped out, too: I returned to work after 1 week off against medical advice (dumbest thing I ever did, but 1 wk till Christmas and kids and had already written the check for the bike, besides, I was a 'tough' guy, right?).

They immediately put me on lay-off and fought my workers comp for one week's wages. Merry Christmas! Yellow Freight sucks! I now do the same job elsewhere for 1/2 the pay and no pension.) I mention all this out of pure hate for them and to let you know what NOT to do.

I was a hell of a lot luckier than Mr. Reeve though, but really need extra protection and support now. This type of injury could easily happen on a bike.

EVA makes one, but it is stiff and can spin around and choke you. I can try to find the receipt for ours that fasten to chest protector (can't think of the small co.'s name) if you want. The absolute best is one I have SEEN, but can't find. The Dad of one of my son's racing buddies found it in a large sporting goods store w/ football equip. Just like ours only thicker in back and tapered. Want one! :)

Thanks. I posted this topic in the 250 forum and got some good replies so you may want to check them out. F.Y.I.

I wear a neck brace it seems to help alot from helmet head & stiff neck. Also If you saw the RC crash from the Anaheim 1 race you may seriously consider a brace. The brace is from Progressive Cycle Safety, www.procyclesafety.com (805)526-2078

Yes they resemble a football brace but they sell colored Lycra sleves also, total cost =$35-40

After seeing two really bad crashes that required Helicopter MEDEVAC this past weekend at the GNCC, I have decided to order one of these braces. The company tells me that they will not restrict my side to side movement. I'm in.....

Thanks for the info...

Bonzai :)

Mine does not resrtrict Side to Side movement at all. If you are riding down a hill looking at the next uphill it will restrict the up movement a little. But you will get used to it, thats what it's supposed to do....

Yeah Greg, that's the one (Progressive) that we wear.

I was flagging and working at the local SX track Saturday, and one Quad landed on another...

Lower spine injury (haven't heard prognosis yet). 65cc rider last summer (different track) landed on by 250: wheelchair/nearly died (by the way, Travis Pastrana flew across country to visit this little boy in the hospital. He IS a superstar!!). 250 rider on his own track 20 miles south last fall: wheelchair...This is just the last year here...

I believe in kidney belts and full-coverage chest protectors with mega spine armor too. Broken limbs are bad enough, but spine injuries...and think how delicate those bones are compared to arms and legs... :)

Thanks greg, I ordered one today. 34.00 plus 8.00 for the colored sleeve 3.00 tax and 5.00 shipping= 50.00, boy it sure adds up! but I am looking forward to it. Sounds like it will be worth it. I talked to a guy named Phil, he stressed 100% satisfaction whatever it took! sounds like good people.

I have been wearing the PCS model for the past 4 months and like it alot although it did take some getting used to. As mentioned above, when riding downhill it is harder to lift the head to scan ahead, though it hasn't caused me any major problems and rarely bugs me anymore. There is a very good review of neck braces over at dirtrider.net in either the health/fitness or product review forum. The other model is the EVS, which looks much more restrictive but presumably also provides more protection.

Wow, sounds like these braces work really well.

Now I just wish I had one back when I seen Motley Crue in '89.

Man was my neck sore the next moring! :)

Although, Im not sure I could have wore it anyways with my full-on mullet.

The trouble with (preventive) things that work is "You can't prove a negative." There are also no guarantees except "It sure couldn't hurt!". That and experiences, whether my own or some less fortunate individual's, and common sense are enough for me, though. :)

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Check my review on the 250 side. Maybe one that is a little more restrictsd would be better for me? I'm soooo confuuuused!!!!

I wear the evs.

It took some getting used too thats for sure...

You can't look up.

But when I hit my head (it happens alot, I am 6'8") I don't see stars anymore, just the cush of the brace absorbing the hit, not my neck.

I would not trade it.

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