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Hey you guys!

I know there have been tons of posts already about the DR-Z:s suspension but I can´t find the answer for my question.

I recently started riding trails/offroad after a couple of years on crotchrockets and I love it. I winded up with an DR-Z since I had a GSX-R750 I had to trade in and the Suzuki-dealer were the only one willing to do it (roads and insurance are killing the road-racers over here).

Anyway, I´ve had trouble riding in the sand since I find the bike pushing the front all the time and I´ve dumped it quite a few times when the front has just disapered on me. I went home and banged my head against a wall for being a crappy rider.

Then I tried a friends KX 250 and another friends KTM 400 EXC and I realised that all you had to do on these bikes were to lean them and pin it and the bike went were I wanted it to, even in deep sand! The nightmare were earlier today when I took the DR-Z to a local MX-track which is only sand and I dumped it twice in two laps due to front wheel running away on me. I also find the suspension bottoming out quite often while on the trails and large areas of sand.

I´m about 85kg (don´t know what that´s in lbs, about 200 I guess?).

I desperately want to make my bike more like the KTM, going were I want it to and not follow all the other tracks in the sand and whipping it´s front away on me. What I´ve been thinking about is stiffer springs front and rear to help it stop bottoming out as well. I see the suspension as the major difference between the bikes I´ve tested and my DR-Z but I don´t know about the weight-balance though. I don´t know jack about suspension to be honest, I just want to know how to make it sharper.

Can someone please help me? I would really appreciate it!

I have to be honest, if I could afford to switch to a 400 or 520 EXC at the moment I´d do it... A MX-er is not suitable fo my kind of riding with alot of fast trails and quite long rides during a day with no stops for gas.


Swedish trailer...

PS. Should I raise the pressure in the tyres? I think they´re pretty soft at the moment... DS.

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Start w/the proper springs for your weight and don't forget to factor in the weight of your riding gear, that includes tools if you carry them. I also believe (but I'm not 100% sure on this) that if you are going to be riding in sand you want to crank down on the clickers and stiffen things up.

Take the time to play w/ the clickers, you'll learn alot Set up a small loop, ride it set full soft, then ride it set full hard, then ride w/the front full soft and the back full hard, then vice versa!! You'll learn alot riding around with screwed up suspension settings. I did this for a bit one day and it was pretty interesting. Be very very carefull tho!! Go slow!! the bike can do some really weird things!! 🙂

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-Push the forks all the way DOWN in the clamps(makes front end higher) and takes weight OFF the front end.

-ride with the gas ON all the time, even when slowong down...DO NOT chop the throttle off. Try not to use the front brake. Slow down with the rear brake WITH the throttle on slightly.

-keep your weight back most all the time.

-let a BUNCH of air out your tires.... run about 6psi if in sand m0st all the time. MAybe 8-10 if mixed riding conditions. (I'd bet you have WAY more than that in your tires right now).

-If you have the stock Trailwings on your bike, you will NEVER be able to ride in sand.....period!


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