Front Disk Guard

Looking for a front disk guard for a 2002 XR650, any idea as to who may be making these?



I'm running aluminum Devol guards front and back and they've held up pretty well. The rear guard has eaten alot of rocks from the front wheel but hasn't deformed at all. My Baja Designs skid plate is another story. It's going to get the sledge hammer treatment during the next oil change.

I also had the plastic Acerbis front disk guard on my old XR600 but would recommend the Devols. Think I'm going to upgrade to thier radiator guards as well.

Devol front disk guard and radiator guard. Shark fin from BD in the back. Should be around $140 for everything.


I can attest to the strength of Thumpadaddy's Devol equipment as they survived the The Pit Of Despare last weekend! Thump On Most Exellent Thumpdaddy! :)

HI. Acerbis makes one for the XR400 that works fine on the XR650. The main mounting bolt lines right upand a couple of strategicaly placed zip tys make it work great. I had to have one to protect my computer sensor and this works fine. This is the only thing around for the BRP as far as I know. Tim

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