My extraordinarily unusual weekend at White Rock, AR

Saturday March the 6th, it looked to be a great riding day and it was. Just slightly overcast about 50 degrees and the rain was not supposed to roll in until Saturday night late sometime. My cousin on a DRZ and I on my trusty WR400 made it to what looked to be a great place to park, unload and take off for a great day of riding. About 8:45 a.m. we unloaded in a very wide open area just off the highway. Trails led in 3 directions from the spot we parked and it was right next to the highway. Otherwise you were looking at about 3-4 miles of dirt road before you reached the campground area. We were not camping and there were others parked in this area so we figured why not.

It had rained the past week so there wasn’t much mud but when you did run into a little mud it was the tackiest, stickiest, stuff you ever seen. It almost had the consistency of Play-Dough.

About 2:00 p.m. I decided we better head back to the truck and load up. After all, we put on 50 miles and that’s about all the mileage this aging body can take. Plus I had a 3 and a half hour drive home.

After arriving at my truck and loading up we jumped in the truck (Ford Ranger 2.3 Liter) and pulled out to the highway. I looked to my left and seen this truck coming down the highway in my direction. It was nothing out of the ordinary until he pulled up next to me (real close) and blocked most of my access to getting on the highway. I sat there for a minute and wondered what in the world he was doing. So my cousin jumped out of the truck just to ask what he was doing and he jumps out looking like someone just pissed on his Post-Toasties. So I get out, (still calm at this point) and walk up to him and before I could utter a word he looks at me and says “What do you guys think you are doing on MY land?” (In a very gruff voice I might add) So I am thinking to myself, there are no Private Property signs, no Keep out signs, no No Trespassing Signs, nothing, nada.

So I look at him and said “So this is your land eh?” He looks back almost ready to spit and said “You Da*n right its my land!” So I’m thinking were riding in a National forest, people park here all the time, this guy is about 70-75 years old. Hes just a crazy, insane, old man. I turned to him and said “So all these trails leading from this area, You own these trails??” Without hesitation, “Yes I do!!!” So I add, “So basically what you’re telling me is you’re the government?”

From this point on he starts his serious cussing, “Why you silly son of a B***h!!!” he yells.

I turned to my cousin “Come on Lance, let’s go, we don’t have to listen to this redneck hillbilly.”

He snapped back “The hell you say!” Then as I was walking away from him back to my truck I saw him open the door to his truck but I just thought he was leaving. My cousin yells out, “Dude! Look out! He’s getting his gun!”

So by this time we are both in the ranger and he is standing about 10 feet in front of my truck unzipping the case that held his handgun. I had the truck running already so I didn’t have to start it. I thought to myself, if this guy draws this gun, I’m flooring this beast of an engine and if he’s in the way I am taking him out because I am not going to let someone draw a gun on me.

So as he was sticking his hand into the case I dropped the clutch, hammered it down and headed for him. He dropped the gun in his panic and I’m pretty sure I ran over the gun and as I looked back in my rearview it looked as if he was pointing his gun at us and was going to fire. I was ready to get down below the dash while driving and drive blindly for a few seconds if I had to but luckily he didn’t get a shot off and I drove like a mad man al the way back to Fayetteville, AR.

And this was all just because we PARKED on his “supposed” land. We didn’t litter, trash it up or tear it up in any way. You never would have known we were there.

I don’t need many more riding day like this because I think this day took about 10 years off my life.

:D:):D And to think ....I think I've had a hard time if a Walker threatens me with his stick!

I think I'll stay in the UK!! :D

Glad you got away! :D

So what good is the kevlar in your MX gear? :)

Seriously, you cut him WAY more slack than I would have! DUMP THE CLUTCH!!! :D

Awwww heck...he didn't mean any harm :) LOL

I bet he was just upset he couldn't have been out there riding w/you fellers! Too bad you weren't packing heat..could've been an Arkansas show down right there in the back woods...

Glad you made it out of there safely..I'll let you know if we are heading to Chadwick, actually we will be down that way Friday night May 17th and riding on the Saturday the 18th..buddy of ours b'day weekend and he wants some Chadwick rock crawling...

Dude, you live in the Ozarks and I'm sure you've seen your share of "backwoods" types. But, down there it's on an entirely different level! Like Deliverance type sh*t (you guys out West have no idea that this stuff still exists!!) It's our version of East Los Angeles. A-hole was probably the sheriff AND the mayor if the truth be known. He'd just as soon shot ya and said you tried to beat him up. That pisses me off just reading it. Beautiful country down there, too bad gene pool is a little poluted.

Shake it off man, you handled yourself well. :)

So, when are you going back :) Are you going to find a new parking area? Any way jokes aside. Was the ride good?

I try to come down from KC a couple of times a year to White Rock, as it is about my favorite riding area in the midwest-big mountains. But, I try to stay away from hunting season as the locals can have a pretty fun way of entertaining themselves with the tourists. We have had a fella chase after us w/ a shotgun before, seems we rode too close to his shack on the trail system. Scott, the gene pool is just shallow, so it looks dirty.

I plan on hitting it here in the next few weeks, maybe this next weekend-before the trees all fill in.

It is really hard to judge what someone is going to do when you first walk up to them.

I thought most older folk would give you the benifit of the doubt and let you off with a warning, but when I seen he wasnt going to reason with me at all I decided to high tail it.

Little advice if any of you ever go down there - From now on I plan on parking in the camping areas even if that means driving down a dirt road for 4 miles. If this guy really was just a crazy old coot and it wasnt his land I hate to give in but its not worth a magnum in your face.

Jason - Ill let you now if I head down that weekend. Not sure what my plans are right now but be sure and remind me about a week before. :)

Jekel - Yea, the ride was great and I do plan on going back. A crazed ol' a$$bag is not going to keep me from riding in a designated area.

And I didn see a hunter while we were riding and he didnt seem to pleased that we were riding on "his land" :D Anyway, he looked pretty disgusted as we rode by.

hot damn, was that you my bubba was efter. We all er kin folk and everones last name at whiterock is cunningham. Sorry about my bubba he's just been drinks to much contaminated well water and thinks those buzzing bikes are hornets, specail the yeller ones. Hey If you see bubba again well you tease him for me, he hates it when i say he's my papa and his daughter is my mama

Sounds like the SOB's cousin in Alabama I ran into last year....Anytime I ride the powerlines and the Timber Company land there now I carry my 9mm Glock under my Chest Protector in my shoulder holster....The idiot that I ran into pulled a gun on my daughter last year that almost cost him his life. I did have a Game Warden asked me last summer why I was carrying it...I just told him it was for varments and target practice...he was cool with that.

Darin's now an Outlaw ! I love it.....

Bonzai :)

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Ok Merfman, I totally understand your viewpoint but let me ask this question. If he had numerous dealings with dirt bikers on previous occasions then whey were there not ANY signs posted?? If this guy really wants people off his land and hes griped out several before me you would think he could at least post something, right?

Im not saying I was right being there but unless there is a fence or a sign then whos to know?

There are trails down there that run right into peoples backyard (or should I say "shack") and unless you backtrack from that point you have to ride down their driveway (i.e. dirtroad) to get out. This also happened this weekend and as we were riding out the driveway I turned around and noticed a sign on the way out that said "Private Propery, Keep out".

I could have gotten shot there too.

What I am saying is, I just dont understand these trails that lead to Private Propery and why they dont post signs to let you know.

Originally posted by MOmilkman:

Ok Merfman, I totally understand your viewpoint but let me ask this question. If he had numerous dealings with dirt bikers on previous occasions then whey were there not ANY signs posted?? If this guy really wants people off his land and hes griped out several before me you would think he could at least post something, right?


What I am saying is, I just dont understand these trails that lead to Private Propery and why they dont post signs to let you know.

Many times I've seen the signs ripped down as fast as they're put up and fences cut as soon as they're repaired. Here in Colorado, the gubmint signs and fences are victims as frequently as private property.

I should have been more specific, I wasn't trying to place blame on either you or the crotchety old fart. I was just attempting to offer an explanation for why things happened as they did. I certainly know that if I owned the land, paid taxes on it, and people used it like public lands, I'd be a little pissed. Who wouldn't?

Hang on Tight Darin.....The CRAZIES will be out tonight after 5PM....BUBBA...Me Thinks your gonna catch some HELL on this one....Let's see if you can surpass my 56 replies (48 A$$ Chewins) in one day.....

It's a good thing it wasn't a Cop or a Ranger....They'd be building the scaffolding already.....Whats that......Tap Tap Tap.....

Go Get Em Jessee.....

Bonzai :)

Ass chewin? You got thin skin if what I wrote was an ass chewin.

Not what you said....These kinds of post's bring out the Radical Right Wingers, The ones who believe you should never cross against the light and if you do, you should be jailed or flogged. Or Oh I'm telling.... you rode in an area preserved for the south american swamp rat and the like...

They'll be out....just wait and see...

Bonzai :)

I'm sure I'll be in the minority on this one but I just have to offer another point of view. First, let me say that I've been in a similar situation and encountered an angry landowner. My situation didn't involve a gun but about 5 mangy looking dogs that looked more than ready to tear my little butt limb from limb. I'd ridden through a hole in a fence at a popular riding area. I didn't make the hole but I was wrong nonetheless.

I'm not sure about the area you went, but in some states (Colorado for instance) it's up to the user to know when he's on private property. It's illegal to hunt (for instance) on private land without prior permission from the owner.

Now, since it was stated that there were other vehicles parked in the area, trails leaving from that area, etc, I'd be willing to bet that you weren't the first dirtbiker he'd ever had dealings with. I'd also be willing to bet that the first few times he "let them go with a warning" but after repeated encounters, I'd be willing to bet he'd just gotten fed up with "g*d d**ned dirtbikers tearing up his land" Even though you didn't litter, etc, I'd be willing to bet there have been those who did. I'm sure he sees that as disrespect for land he OWNS. Who wouldn't get tired of making the same speech to the same people (dirtbikers in general) time and time again and having them ignore him?

Now, that said:

Was he right to pull a gun? Absolutely not.

Were you right to be a smartass? Nope. Maybe he did own the place you parked.

I've been on both ends of this stick and it's not very comfortable on either end. Just offering a different viewpoint.

Flame away,

Merf out


I´m one glad WR rider that people carrying guns are not a problem in Sweden, at least not in the boonies (certain areas down town might be different :D ). As I wrote in my "First Ride" report, we got stopped by this oldtimer and I have no doubt that he was correct in doing so, the organizers of the rally had goofed. An irritated voice was all he carried, we talked a minute or two and then we just turned and left (when he found out that we actually rode bikes with licenseplates).

Antoher weekend, about 18 months ago. We were in an area, riding the twisting gravelroads and all the paths and trails we could find. Most of the time we rode on public roads, but I would lie if I told You we never passed any signs or blockades.

Some four or five times we were stopped by someone carrying a rifle. They looked a bit irritated, asked us were we came from etc, etc and we were in luck that we were riding on public roads every time we were stopped. By the campfire in the evening (over beers and Bourbon) we discussed why everyone around here seemed to be carrying a rifle. Guns are quite rare in Sweden, almost only hunters have´em (and you never ever see a handgun outside a shooting range). Then it hit us, this was the Saturday before the Monday when the moose hunting season started - they were out calibrating their sights/scoopes. Next day we started as the day before, but after one hour of really fun riding we were stopped by three (3) different guys, yepp at the same time, and they started yapping nonsense for an eternity (about private areas, public areas yapp, yapp, yapp) and when they finally left we came to the conclusion that they would follow us every yard of the way (they had cellphones at the ready) to harass us. They were probably afraid that we would scare the game away from the area wich we wouldn´t, in daytime a moose stays pretty much in the same area, no matter what, unless one walks right into his/hers "hiding"place. Anyway, we called it a day, no need to make the locals more aggressive than they already were.

There are no warm feelings between hunters and dirtbikers, I have read stories about riders having guns pointed at them when passing by a hunter on his "pass" (Swedish) on a public road.

Glad we have hard restrictions on handguns!!! :)

See ya,


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My thoughts on some of these issues:

*It is wrong (and in most cases illegal)to pull a gun on someone for trespassing.

*Just because the property is not posted does not mean it is not privately owned. In Michigan, many people own property that boarders state/federal land.

*Always park in designated parking areas - research where you will be riding.

*I have riding trails on my property, but if you want to go onto my property, you must ASK. If I discover someone there unannounced, I will boot them off. If a gun is pulled on me while I do it, I will shoot them DEAD if given the chance. I carry ALWAYS.

*I have power lines that cross my property. The land is LEASED by the power company, they do not own it. This is the case on most power lines. To ride without permission is trespassing.

*426fred. Handguns are a defensive weapon and many Americans rely on them for personal protection. We like them.

Die to Ride

Ride to Die

Only in the US :)

Originally posted by Carl Youngstrom:

[QB]My thoughts on some of these issues:

*It is wrong (and in most cases illegal)to pull a gun on someone for trespassing.

WOHA there Feller. 2nd ammendment. Woha. I sleep with a .45 and a 9mm with full clips under my bed. Someone comes on my property they are gonna have hell to pay. Ask any cop in this area and it aint illegalto pull a gun. Now if you shoot and wound he, the guy stealing your SHI T, Will sue your ass and get all that stuff free and legally. But if you put him down on your property you are in the clear. they dont even have to be in your house. if you think that your life is in danger you are in the clear. I live with an Idaho State Police Detective. i talk to him aout this stuff all the time. The guns under my bed help me sleep at night. Maybe it is diferent in Missouri. Idaho Still believes in Back woods justice if you know what i mean. And yes we have running water. So what you should have said is land out in the boonies you souldn't pull a gun on someone. Just warn them and post the hell out of it. Right. But then there are those smart ass Kids that ruin it for everyone. On second thought just shoot them.

A little daily humor for ya all.

yea ha

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