Moab this weekend...anyone interested?

Heading out to Moab on Thurs. night 4/11 for the weekend. Anyone interested in hooking up, let me know. We'll most likely be camping at the Canyonlands Campground...right across the street from the McDonalds (a bit more kid friendly as my 1 yr old daughter will be making her first camping trip...we'll sort of camping anyway... :)


I am going out there this weekend also, but I will be mountain biking. None of my other buddies have dirt bikes. It will be my first time out there. I can't wait. I have been wanting to go there since I started m biking 13 years ago. I will be riding my cycle there in May though. I LOVE Colorado.

Hey Larry are you interested in doing the swell in May. I live in Longmont and our club is going out there later this year. Check it out here is the web page

Also I was interested in where you wound up with all of your testing last, as to your jetting?

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We will more than likely be in Moab this weekend. I will e-mail you later this week when I have the arrangements completed.


Hey LarryCo. I was camping in the campground about 10 years ago and while I was riding the MTB on Porcupine Rim, someone came and stold almost ALL of my camping gear and food from that campground. The police told me it happens all the time with a smile on his face. They also broke into my vehicle and stold all my tools. I haven't been back since.

I almost duked out the owner when he told me it was my fault for leaving such inviting equipment for the taking.

Put your valuables and bags etc. in your vehicle and cover it and lock it.

Wish I could join you guys! :)

Bryan in Denver...

Dan and Blackie,

Give me a call on my cell phone (303 956 5191) if you want to get together to ride/booze it up. Or just stop by that campground in the tent section and look for 2 big blues, an XR400, and quite possibly a tricked-out barbie electric 4wheeler. Dan, you'll love it out there! Got some excellent mountain biking ride recommendations for you if you're interested. Normally, I'd bring my mountain bike as well, but room in the truck is at a premium and the folks I'm going with wont be biking...


Definitely interested in a May ride. Drop me a line and let me know when (first two weekends in May are bad for me). Next planned trip out is Memorial Day weekend, but sooner might also work.


What a total bummer! I'd wouldnt be as surprised in you said it happened up by slickrock...where there's not a lot of people around and the sites tend to be much further away...but there? Thanks for the advice. I've never heard of or had a problem there...but now I'll just be "extra careful". What a way to ruin a perfectly excellent weekend. Not sure what I would do if I ever witnessed something like that going on (what's bail for assault and battery?).


Normally have ridden 42PJ/75PAJ/1.5 turns/EKQ#3/155MJ/200MAJ in town at the tracks, at Rampart, and in Moab. Always worked fine, although admittedly rich around 0-1/8 throttle and on the high end.

Now I'm trying the following in Moab this weekend: 38PJ/65PAJ/1.5 turns/EKP#3/150MJ/160MAJ. I only had a small opportunity to test around the neighborhood...but I did notice it was a bit "snappier" on the low end and much better on the high end. If my 35PJ comes in before I leave, I'll also be trying: 35PJ/55PAJ/EKN#3/150MJ/160MAJ. Need the weekend to try both out and choose. My feeling is that the 35PJ combo will produce the best results. Just so you know, both of these "combos" have passed the "Taffy test"...and are as close as I can determine to "Taffy's jetting" as we can get given the altitude difference.

Later on amigos!

LarryCO, I am heading down to Maob for the first time ever with my family and some friends April 18-20. I have no idea where to ride let alone, where my family can ride. I have a 10 year old on a Honda xr80 and a 6 year old on a xr50. Can you give me some insight on where to go or refer me to a good map? Your help is appreciated.


Trick Daddy,

Hey, I live in Draper! IMO, there are lots of cool places where your whole family can take out the bikes. A lot depends on how well your kids can handle their bikes, but the best way to introduce yourself to new trails is to purchase this book: Guide To Moab, UT - Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails by Charles A. Wells, Shelley Mayer. You can read more about it by doing a search at under "books" by typing in "Moab, UT". The trails are arranged by difficulty, and I have found that most all trails from easy to moderate are easy on a motorcycle.


try or this really good site for pics

LarryCO and BoulderBlaster,

I live in Lafayette, CO. We have been mountain biking in Moab every Memorial Day Weekend for the last 5 years. This year, we will all be bringing the scoots as well. I rode a DRZ400s a small amount last year (and HATED IT!!!) so many of the trails will be new to me on the '01 WR426. We camp across from Slick Rock.

Anyone else interested....We have a group going to Grand Junction, CO on the weekend of April 20. We will either be in Rabbit Valley or near the airport. Again, I am unfamiliar with the area but the crew I'm going with has been many times and say it's the @#$%.

Can't make it your weekend Larry. But we are going to be out there April 24th to 28th. Anyone else going to be out then.

Memorial Weekend is a great time to go. We've been out there that weekend the past four years. It is crowded and hot but we really enjoy it. Well last year we actually tried Sante Fe and Taos. Didn't care for it at all. We planned on going back to Moab this Memorial Weekend but a Florida wedding ruined that idea. Hence the April trip. Love to hook up with anyone out there then.

Trick Daddy,

My first dirtbiking experience was out there...a couple of years ago. I suggest taking the bikes up just past slickrock trailhead and riding around there. There's a few trails down the road past slickrock...not to mention, the dirtroad itself. One trail that crosses the road a couple of times is called "Fins and Things". There's also quite a few jeep roads back there that one can learn on. Also, the beginning half of porcupine rim isnt that bad either. You can camp anywhere up there and ride from camp...kind of nice.

Other "starter rides" include riding "backwards" (up the hill) on "Gemini Bridges" (north of town about 10 miles) and "Behind the Rocks". You might check those out as well.

Good advice on the book Blackie! Another option is to just go to a bike shop in town and get maps/advice there. They often sell "individual" maps for a couple of bucks a piece...instead of buying a book.

You'll have a blast out there!



I am not sure where we will be camping as my roommate is kinda making the plans since he has been there before. We will most definitely be eating dinner in town though. Where is a decent place to eat that is not Denny's. It would be cool to meet some of you guys. You know, put faces to names.

As for the trail riding, what are some rides that start out fairly easy but connect to or turn into a longer more difficult trail. It is bad enough having to wait for your own girlfriend but waiting for your buddy's just plain blows. Once she gets tired the fun will start.

We are also taking our Street bikes for some late afternoon fun. Apparently there is a cool trail that runs along a river or something. I really need to buy a map! :)


Start up just past slickrock...on "Fins and Things". Some of it's easy...some of it's more difficult (slickrock fins, hillclimbs, etc.). Then, when she/they get tired, you can hit the "Fins and Things" portion of the trail that intersects with "Porcupine Rim". You can ride "Porcupine Rim" almost all the way to the scenic byway road that comes from I70 (there's two roads from I70 to Moab...scenic byway and the straight shot...cant remember the route names). Anyway, you'll know when you cant go any further! :D Then you can turn around and ride "Porcupine Rim" all the way back to the Slickrock road...take a right and head back to meet your party.

Slickrock itself is a pretty cool ride. You might consider that as well. There's places where you can see dirtbikes go off the trail...sort of play areas. Worth checking out.

Finally, if you want a "long ride", check out Poison Spider to Gold Bar Rim to Gemini Bridges. Probably about 70 miles...but very nice! Then another can experience the "crevice of death"...known to eat more than a few bikes (including mine and Dougie's). :)

Get one of those forest service maps (by National Geographic)...all of these trails will be on that (there are both Moab east and west maps).

Dinner Fri. night for us will be around the campfire (you're welcome to join...bring your steaks!) and Sat. night at the Italian place (cant remember the name...only one in town right on main street). Call my cell # listed above if you want to coordinate meeting up. Also, Moab Diner has excellent green chili...good for breakfasts.

Hope to hear from you. I'm outta here in 3 hours! Yeah baby!



By the way, call my cell # if you want to hook up. We're definitely at the Canyonlands a couple of those tent sites.

Ride Report from this past weekend:

"Sleepless in Moab"...First time camping with a 1 yr. old daughter was awesome...but very tiring! Being woken up at 3AM by your daughter tugging on your ears, eyelids, and nose, and headbutting you trying to get you to wake up to play sure was tough...but very cute the next morning once you are awake... :)

Unfortunately, it rained on we only rode "Fins and Things" and "Slickrock" in the late afternoon. VERY CROUDED on Slickrock because of everyone getting out once the rain stopped. Rode with Blackie on Sat. on "Monitor & Merrimack" and "Klondike Bluffs" (my friends wanted to see the dinosaur prints). Great ride...very scenic! Lots of fast sandy whoops and some fun slickrock.

Didnt ride Sunday due to sleep deprivation, but all in all, another great trip! Feel like we didnt get in enough miles though...but that's my own fault I suppose!

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