How much does a WR400 weigh?

I have read all the specs regarding the dry weight of a WR400 (about 250lbs), but does anyone know roughly what one weighs with oil, coolant and a full fuel tank?

I am looking at buying a motorbike rack that fits on the back of a car. It is rated to carry 300lbs - is this enough?

271lbs with all fluids including full tank of gas.

Great, a reply within about 30 seconds! and the answer I wanted to hear too, thanks.

When I was shopping the blue bikes in 00 my local guy said about 280 lbs running weight vs 250 to 260 running weight on the YZ, basicly 25 to 30 lbs difference. He may have included the normal guards for a trail bike vs no guards on the MX bike, but he raced one and sponsored guys on YZFs so he was up on the topic (stock pipes, no aftermarket pipes used).

Too much and alot more than a KTM.

Mine weighs 258 WET, But unlike my buddy freestyle I must be using Diet Gasoline..... :)

Bonzai :D

Is that a typo, or can you explain how you got the number? 250 something has been a long agreed yz value and the wr's are heavier...

actually mine weighs 256lbs full of gas.271lb is curb weight of stock wr400.i have yz250f tank\seat andplastic,excell rims w\tallon ulight hubs,wb promeg shortysilence w\taper headpipe and various other weight saving still feels like a tank. yamahalogos.JPG

wr weighs more because of bigger tank,flywheel/stator,headlight\rearfender and exhaust.headlight only weighs about 2lbs more than numberplate,stator and flywheel add 1lb.,rearfender 2 1\2 lbs and exhaust 4lbs,tank with gas adds 8lbs.of these parts only stuff still on my bike flywheel\stator and headlight but my exhaust easily makes up for extra weight they that good enough explanation for you Techman?if not i can type it a little slower next time

Like a sinking ship I got rid of everything that added excess weight and was not needed to race.....WR rear fender- GONE...Headlight - Gone...Big Bulky Tank - GONE...Kickstand - GONE...Heavy Stock Exhaust - GONE , All replacements are YZF.... Weighed on a large (Accurate) Movers Scale. In actuality I have 2 YZ400's One With a 19 inch rear wheel, and geared a little lower (Trans) and One with an 18 inch rear wheel.

Bonzai :)

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