Roc Stompa / Scotts Damper?

Hi there, i ride a 2007 WR450F and need a damper but wich one to use? Also is the top mount or SUB mount better for me i am 1.78 meters?

Thanx for any advice!!

I would suggest the sub-mount. It reduces the chance of any impact damage to both the damper and yourself. If you find the additional 1" rise is an issue, you can get a lower rise bar to get back to stock.:banghead:

Here's more info on the SUB mount with pics that some others helped me out with. Based on the research I did here on TT, the consensus seemed to be that most preferred the Scott's over others. Good luck.

here's mine.


Very nice man! Can you turn the link arm around yourself or do you realy need the special tool to get it done?

I have a GPR V2 on my 04 and like it alot then On my 07 I had an Emig above the bar and took it off after 3 rides. So now my 07 has a GPR V4 it raises the bars only about 10mm and I am likeing it the best

Very nice man! Can you turn the link arm around yourself or do you realy need the special tool to get it done?

I think my BRP / Scotts kit came with everything in the right direction:excuseme:

Mine came facing the right way. I think the tool is fairly cheap . but I think a small gear puller will do the same thing. as far as my setup goes it was off of a 06 yz and took a few small mods to make every thing from the wr fit. I had to make a bracket for the speedo to mount and drill and tap a hole in the lower to mount the speedo wire

Do any of you guys know if a 2007 YZ450 Sub mount kit will fit my 2007 WR450?? Going to buy a second hand damper (was used on top mount, 2 months old) with a new SUB mount clamp and tower!

I have a 06 yz 450 sub mount on my 07 wr450 that is the same as a 07 yz mount . and no it don't just bolt on the bolts don't line up quite right . you need to drill your stock upper tripple to make the mount fit . the clamp on frame mount works fine .IF your afraid of modding your tripple .I'll sell you my stock set for 20 bucks + shipping

Can`t you just use diffrent bolts I heard that the 07 WR bolts are 11mm and the 07 YZ bolts are 9 mm. Don`t want to drill my tripple clamp?

I'm sure the yz bolt are bigger. and spaced like 4-8 mm wider . drilled my top clamp out a big enough for the bolts . and the spacing was still off a bit. it would not be a big deal to dremmel it out a bit to make it fit . like I said if you want my stock tripple it's already drilled oversized and it's brand new

Yesterday i went and bought the sub mount kit with the damper and the guy told me its a YZ450 sub mount but it bolted directly to my bike!!! What a diff it makes.


NICE ..............I love mine it works great. It saved my butt a few times too .

Do you know what the standard settings on the damper are the manuel only tells te sweep(12`clock) need to know the high and low speed?? O ya one more question should i turn the low speed stiffer in heavy sand conditions or softer?

I don't know what the stock settings are . But I do have my high set a half of a turn over what it was when I got it . but I mine used

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