xr650r throtle sticks where to start looking?

I have a 06xr650r the bike is still new with only 34.kilometers on it i bought it in june of 07 rode it and then i had to return to my deployment were the bike was taken back to the shop and had a dual sport kit installed from baja designes. The shop left a small amount of fuel in it even though i told them not to. I drained to the fuel when i returned home about a week ago and left it dry because i am waiting on a couple of parts to finish uncorking it and jetting it. and i was wondering if my throtle was sticking because of the fuel being left in the bike, or if it is from them installing the baja kit, or the bike being drained and sitting for a week, or because it has sat there from june of 07 till now with out being rode. Then were would the first place i should be looking to resolve the problem. :banghead: Thank you for your time.

I have not had this problem on my XR yet. I have had it happen on my Harley. The 2nd throttle cable was too tight. Try backing that off and see what happens or look for a bent, or smashed cable housing.

fuel sitting for a week or so will not be a problem at all, TRUST me ive left fuel in ALOT longer than that. Prolly look into something thats binding the cable up. Prolly have to take off fuel tank and you will prolly see something binding it.

Had the same problem with my R when it was new and never really could tell what it was. I ran the gas out of the carb after each ride and would put the leftover gas from the bike back in my truck. I think I lubed the cables a bit and made sure that the routing was not binding anywhere, but it seemed like it just sort of stopped doing it on its own as everything looked good. Mine would have sort of a hanging idle after a ride. I would stop and would have a hard time getting the bike to settle down to a normal idle, but it wouldn't do it everytime and eventually just went away.

Maybe its simply the throttle tube binding. I had a bad case of sticky throttle on my L and after much tweaking of the cables, lubing them, adjusting them, it just turned out to be a mangled throttle tube under the grip. Haha, a stuck open throttle on a XR650 isnt a good thing. Trust me.....

Im with (tgstoken) losen throttle tube and pull out just a frickle especially if they had the cables off!

ive had cruise control from the throttle pushed on too far and jamming on the end of the bar on mine too (dropped it) like said above, just pull it out a little and see what happens.

Check the cable routing, it may have been changed when the Baja kit was installed.

Loosen the 2 phillips screws that hold the throttle tube/assembly on the bars. Then check to see if the binding is gone. If so, then tighten it back up. I had the same problem with my Baja pre-runner when I got back to Iowa. I cleaned the carb and still it was sticking. I started to take apart the throttle tube/assembly and realized that nothing was sticking after I loosened those screws. I tightened back up and everything is a-ok. I'm still confused because I have handguards on this bike and the throttle tube was not hitting the guards where they attach to the bar end. Not sure where the stiction was coming from. Good luck.

If they changed the grips check to see if any glue got to the throttle tube. :banghead:

Thats a good thought too glue would do it also, but Im guessing the tube is to far on the bar!

A piece of grit in the carb slide bore will lock that puppy up like it's welded.

thanks guys for your help i got it taken care of hopefully it will be street legal today

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