Suspension Set-Ups?

Stupid Question Alert!!! I've had my 2000 WR400 for about a month now & I'm finally getting to play with the clickers. My question is how do I get the bike set-up correctly to stop the sideways kick that happens when I hit big whoops. The bike is just about perfect everywhere else. Small whoops, jumps, tight stuff, it works great. Just when the whoops get around 2 to 3+ ft deep the back end starts to kick left or right, and I end up off the trail or on my butt. It's probably operator error but my experience with suspension settings is also very limited.

Good question. I am in the same boat as you are. I am interested in the settings that you currently have? I am 210lbs and have my settings at standard. How much better performance would I get if I adjusted them? Let me know what your settings are at if you don't mind.

Start by gripping your bike tighter with your knees :) !

Dodger :D:D

Originally posted by Steve WR400F #61t:

My question is how do I get the bike set-up correctly to stop the sideways kick that happens when I hit big whoops.

No, that's not necessarily operator error. If it bucks straight up the rebound dampening on the rear is too fast. If it goes side to side (like your problem) it's too slow. Try speeding up the rebound dampening a click or two on the rear.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you are set for to begin with. Turn the clickers all the way in (Be careful not to over turn...turn gently until it stops) write down the this with the compression and the rebound. Now the most reliable way to do your own tuning is to center both settings and adjust in two click intervals, Set and Test (Keep a record on paper)When the bike settles and you feel comfortable that's it. Do the same thing for the forks as well. REMEMBER WHAT YOUR INITIAL SETTINGS ARE AS A REFERENCE POINT, There is no such thing as a generic setting, The bike comes from the factory setup for a 180lb rider based on the previous years race team recommendations. Your settings will be completely different.

ALSO: The Kick you describe could also be attributed to an out of alignment rear wheel, it does not take much to make this happen. Check the alignment on both sides of the wheel and make sure they are correct. also look at your master link for wear on the clip. If the link clip is shiney then your out of alignment. Normally the wheel will slip towards the side that is out. Also make sure your chain freeplay is correct. I use 1.5 inches at the back of the swingarm guide.

Your settings will change from time to time depending on the terrain. I have one set of settings for Woods Racing and another for MX Racing...(Comfort vs Jumping).

PM me if you would like more info.

Bonzai :)

John H>> When you say "speed up the rebound damping", do you mean: "back it off so spring rebounds quicker" or "increase it for more/faster damping and slower spring rebound"?

Yeah, to me, speeding it up makes it rebound faster. Not sure if that's how others phrase it. Couldn't remember which way to turn it so I went out and checked. Clockwise makes it slower rebounding and counter clockwise makes it rebound faster.

I finally went to my dealer (yamaha dealer that is) and talked to him about setting up the suspenders. They do a lot of MX there, so he really helped me understand a bit about what to do. I rode my bike almost six months before I started really playing with the clickers. I'm no Al Unser, but I really do notice the difference when it's set up right for the type of riding I'm doing at the time.

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