Mikuni origins

The used 94 XR600 I bought has a flat slide, non-pumper Mikuni

carb with these numbers T38 over 85A also #'s T4 over 51. Anyone have any info on this carb? Is it the right aftermarket carb for this bike? It seems to run OK. Also where can i get a throttle cable for it. And a throttle tube, aftermarket, siver with letters TCI on the clamp.

oo XR400


The Mikuni flat slide I had on my 92 XR600 was bought from XR's Only by the previous owner. I believe he got the entire setup (carb, cable, throttle) from them. I did buy some additional Mikuni jets from them when I was trying to re-tune the bike from a 628 to stock. Looking at thier site they still offer the big carb kit at the following link:


You might call them and see if they can hook you up.

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