regulator/rectifier swap

Has anyone swapped an r/r from another bike?My bike('05 xr650L) has been having problems with the charging system and innitially I bought a new battery but still having the same problem.The bike will only make 12.5 volts wich I know is not enough to keep it properly charged.I did test the r/r and stator and both of them fail some part of the test or another.I could go to a shop and have it checked but don't have any nearby that I can trust.Before I start replacing parts in hope of finding the problem can anyone help me to isolate the problem?I figured that I can get hold of a used cheap r/r and see if this fixes the bike.Also it can help to lower the $$$ spent on a otherwise good battery:banghead: .Thanks for any help.:banghead:

You can't really use any other dirt bike type of regulators. The 650L has an electrical system that is from a street bike. It uses a three phase stator and regulator. A lot of Honda street bike regulators since the early 80's work the same as your 650L. It's just the connectors that are different. They generally have six wires. Three yellow from the stator, a ground wire, an output wire, and a voltage sense wire.

Thanks Cleo.I'll start looking for honda street with 6 wires.I think I saw a few listed in e-bay.

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