Anyone running Water Wetter or a non-water based

I saw a post on water wetter from the CRF 450 forum and thought I'd asked the BRP owners.

What's your thought on watter wetter?

Anyone tried a propylene glycol such as Evans NPG+? Found at the following site:

The typical water/ethylene glycol boils at 264F but the evans NPG+ boils at 375.

I've been having to top off my radiator after long rides and had picked up some water wetter but havent added it yet.

We've been running water wetter in our XR650's and my DRZ400 and never have had any heating/boiling over problems.

The bikes are ridden on the trails as well as fast desert type stuff, sand, etc.

Did you mix as per the ratio on the bottle, 1 ounce per quart?

I use Evans NPG+ in my XR650R without problems. I've also been using Evans in some of my older classic cars for several years with mostly good results.

Water Wetter is also good product for different reasons and I've used it a good bit in automobile racing (easy & quick cleanup). If you plan to race your bike, Water Wetter is a good solution where as Evans cannot be used in many places.

Added 1/2 bottle to the existing fluid in the XR650. The DRZ I put a whole bottle and its been running with it since the San Felipe 250 last March.

Water Wetter has surfactants (to help with heat transfer) and anti-rusting agents. It does not have any anti freeze properties.

Normal coolant (propylene or ethylene glycol) has those same things, but also antifreeze properties.

Here's the rub: in terms of cooling capacity, water is the best. Water Wetter should actually make water a bit better because of the surfactants. Ethylene is next and propylene is last. This is not arguable, it is a matter of engineering fact (heat transfer coefficients, heat capacity, etc.).

Propylene has two advantages, however. First, it is not as toxic as ethylene, so it is environmentally better. Second, propylene boils at a higher temp, so you won't boil over as easily. This could help you run cooler if you tend to boil over.

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