Paul, Dan & Dan

Hi guys.

Paul, I got your message last night. Sorry I missed you, and I don't have your e-mail, so perhaps this is the best way to confirm. I am a hard guy to get a hold of since it seems like I'm always somewhere doing something (most likely working).

Regarding riding this Saturday, if you guys are going and don't mind an out-of-shape guy going too, then count me in. I did get back in the saddle two days ago and it felt great. I actually did much better than I anticipated, but was pretty worked after a 50 mile blitz.

If you guys are game, so am I. Just let me know where and when and I'm there. If not, no biggie. There is always another time.


Hey Ron,

Get your horse watered and fed. We're going riding. Maybe for the day, maybe for the weekend. It depends on how long Paul is planning on staying down here. You should have my number. Give me a buzz Tues nite and I should know by then.


PS: if you want to stay out Sat nite, I think Paul will have his trailer, and I will likely have mine. Plenty of room, just bring food, etc.


Im good for Sunday, I have to work on Saturday and can't get out of it but if you guys can rip on Sunday you can count me in. Im a little torn up form Terrible's Town 250 (im in so much pain) from a couple of get-offs but I should be ok by the weekend.

What did you guys have in mind. It sounds like you guys will be out for the weekend. Let me know....


Hey Guys, Speaking of being out of shape. I'd like to go too if you don't mind riding with an old, fat, outta shape spode.

Danny, my bike is in primo condition, and I promise you won't have to start it for me....HA! Give me a call at 661-256-8340 or email me at

Marc, Good to hear from you. Do you think I should put on my headlight? :) After the "Death ride" I swore that I would leave it on forever. There's nothing like riding in darkness (on a bike that wouldn't start) up really steep hills. Man, I hope those days are over.

I'll give you a call dude.


Hey guys, bad news. I have to work this week-end. I tried to get out of it but "they" would have no part of it. I'm screwed for the next several week-ends. If something changes in the next few weeks I'll let you know. We'll make it happen one of these days. Thanks, Paul

Paul, Don't worry about it. I totally understand.


Dan, looks like I will be going for the weekend. I used to park about 2-1/2 to 3 miles north of town on the left across the aqueduct. That OK with you?

Marc, are you the Marc White that's a member of TWMC?

Paul, sorry to hear you can't make it. I was looking forward to ripping with you and discussing the latest on land issues up north. Maybe next month or something.


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Guys, I'll be at the Mojave Denny's between 7:00 and 7:30am on Sunday. Im meeting some other friends there for the ride. Dan, I have too many guys that have planned on meeting at Denny's to change the meeting place, I hope this works for you. Marc, I hope to see you there. Ron, you know the drill. :)

I'll have a grand slam, over medium, and a large milk. :)

HB Dan, I can go for only one day, no weekend deal this time. Paul, you sound like me. I hate it when the W thing gets in the way of good times. Next time for sure.

See ya there!

Dan L:

Since I'm staying out there Sat nite, just let me know where you plan to park after leaving Denny's, and I'll just set up there. I'll be towing my big rig and it'll be tough to chase everyone up the hill. Otherwise, I can just wait above town on Hwy 58 or something and jump in as you drive by. Call me when you can to discuss.


Danny, I'll see you there. Who else is coming?

HB Dan, Don't tell me there's another Marc White out there.

OK, Marc. I won't tell you <grin>.

Hey guys, have a great ride this weekend and I'll catch ya on the next. Hopefully, in a few weeks. Paul

Paul, You will be missed but we'll catch you on the next one for sure. :)

Marc, Cool man, Im glad to see you're going. Derick,DL,Johnny, Dave (DRZ),Ron,Dan and me are going plus some other might show up. It'll be a hoot. thumb.gif


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[ April 11, 2002: Message edited by: PMAUST ]

Paul, Im drooling!!!!!!! No not you, That sweet pumkin!!! Nice, Very nice!!!!!

Paul, whats with the work gloves? :)

LOL. Good observation Doug! I forgot them. :) Good thing I had that extra pair in the truck. :D

Ok guys. What did I miss? Go ahead, make me feel bad! It'll just make me want to come down your way that much more! :) Don't be afraid to let me know when the next ride is. If there is any way in hell I can make it I'll be there! Paul

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