Paul, Dan & Dan

Hey Paul,

We definitely missed you, but we had a great ride. I recall some of the trails from 25 years ago, but we didn't go that far back into the hills back then. Everybody came back in one piece for the most part. If you like ups and downs and challenging terrain, this is a good spot. Rode pretty much to Jawbone and back, about 60 or so miles. These guys kept a pretty rapid pace, too. I, on the other hand, couldn't seem to keep it on the trail at times. I had my damping set up for whoops and hi speed stuff, but the ride went through quite a bit of rocky terrain. I adjusted a little and it helped. Thanks to Dan L for the invite.

If you are interested, we have a club enduro this weekend and then again on May 4,5. Send me an email if you are interested and I'll get you some directions. Cheers!


Yep, we definitely missed ya Paul.

Confirmed: Ron is way out-of-shape. I am still sore as heck, but it feels good to be back on the bike. I felt bad being the guy everyone was waiting for. To make matters worse, I took a digger nine miles in and tweaked the front brake rotor and smacked my shoulder pretty good. Dan and company came to my aid and straightened it out enough for the wheel to spin, but for the remainder of the day I had no front brake. This made going downhill very interesting.

I had a blast, got to meet my neighbor Dan from HB, and was reunited with some very nice people. Thanks to Danny and friends!


Hey Ron,

The invite for this weekend is for you as well. Let me know if you are interested in an easy 50-60 miler.


Paul, we missed you. We had a good ride, man it was hot!!!!! Im not use to the warm weather. It was great hooking up with Dan and Ronny for the day. Both are really good,consistant riders. We'll catch you next time.

Dan :)

Sounds like you had a good ride. The only saving grace for me was that I got to go on a killer local ride on Saturday. We went up to Stoneyford and did an 85 mile loop. The weather was nearly perfect. If you jump over to the DR side you can see a few pictures. I worked 12 hours on Sunday. But man, I was still high from the day before. I don't care how hot it gets. I am going to get one more desert ride in before Summer. For the next few weeks I can't go too far away. But, before the end of May I will be down your way come hell or high water. Hopefully, some or all of us can hook up. You guys need to take me out there and run me into the ground just to get it out of my system for the season. :D Thanks, Paul :)

Hi guys, been out for a while. Sounds like i missed a great ride :D Great pic's Dan! :) Any Rides this wkend?

Dan, those were some great pictures. What do you guys think about that Rev-lock clutch? There has been quite a discussion about it on the KTM side. I'd like to get the desert riders perspective. Thanks, Paul

Who has the Rev-lock on a Yamaha Paul?

Hey dan, Just wanted to know if you are riding this weekend? check your pm.

Dan, that is my question! Who has a Rev-Loc on a Yamaha? There has been some discussion of it on the KTM side lately and I noticed an add for it on I was just wondering if you know anyone who is using it and what your thoughts are about it. I will start a new post with these questions. Thanks, Paul

Pauly, I havn't heard much about the Revlock from any dude out in the desert but if I do I'll pass on the info.

Mikey, You have an XR75??????? That's RED!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding I have one too.

I have a 1977 XR75 that im rebuilding from the ground up. So far the engine is polished to a mirror finish and the frame was sand blasted and painted factory OEM "Flash red". The hubs and forks are painted up with hard glossy paint too.

I'll post some pictures up when I get my new camera this week.

PS. I'll let you know when im riding next. Im gonna take this weekend off of riding. I have some business to take care of at home. Otherwise I'de love to hook up a do some roostin!!!

peace DL :)

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