linkage or shock bearings?

i just bought a 426, so i am going over everything. when the bike is on a stand, I can move the swingarm up some without the shock going through its stroke-i'm guessing this is not normal. the shock does however move as soon as the swingarm does, just not up and down, more front to back.Any ideas?

The shock bearing seems to get the most abuse and wear out first in my own personal experience, but on a bike that has some hours it would be normal for all of the above to need replacing. If you've got the budget why not replace it all. You'll have it apart to regrease it all anyway. :banghead:

Hold your fingers on each joint of the linkage as you move the swing arm. You'll be able to feel the slack in each one and find where the problem is. Don't overlook the upper shock bearing.

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