Excessive boot wear

Anyone else have a problem with excessive boot wear? This pair has less than five months of riding on them. I have already chewed though a pair of Answer boots as well. I'm wondering if a pair of Alpine Star or SIDI boots will fair any better? At least they have the replaceable soles.


My Alpinestar Tech 6's have a replaceable square in the sole, right where you have worn through.

You have got to stop riding with those homemade footpeg warmers.

I bet you through that having footpeg warmers was a good idea. :)

WOW, I've never see boot wear that extensive for the amount if riding time you've put on them.........sheesh, you must be an animal :D!

As far as the Sidi's are concerned, yeah they have a replaceable sole, but still not sure if the replacable sole could take that kind of abuse. I just got a pair of the Sidi's, and took the sole off to lube the screws that hold it in place. I'll tell you what, that replaceable sole is only 1/4" thick, I'm guessing you'd be through them fairly quickly. But, then again you'd have the solid foot bed underneath to help, so maybe they would be your ticket.

Again, WOW, I thought I was rough on gear :D..........


Dodger :D:)

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