Need help finding parts online for a 426

Hi, I need a new piston and ring set. I'd like to go Wiseco with standard compression ratio

Also, I'm in for a new exhaust system because the stock header is bent and the FMF powercore 4 that I'm actually running is wayyyyy tooo loud. I never liked it really...

I don't want to spend too much so I'd probalby go with a FMF Q4 and hi-flo header.

Where would you shop online for these parts?

I'll most likely buy these parts from the TT store as long as they're available from there but I don't think they hold Wiseco do they?

Thanks for any advise.

Phone the TT store and ask. I believe they can supply you with whatever you need or want.

TT store should get it for you, if you end up needing/going OEM, they can get it as well.

Great then. I'll phone the TT store when I have a minute. Thanks for your help:thumbsup:

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