Street Legal 2008 WR450

Has anyone converted a WR 450 to a street legal bike in New York State (upstate)? If so, what did you do?



Is that even possible in NY? Hope you can .....

I'm sure you can . I'm just not sure exactly how it goes in New York state. I know you have to put everything on that a state inspection requires.light,turns mirrors ,horn and such . I think that then you have to make an apointment with the state police to inspect it . I think . check with your dmv and call your state police and ask.

If you have a new bike, often it is easier than a used one. The MSO for a new bike and a used one look identical except... the off road MSO has the typewritten words "Off Road use only". If you go to a sleepy DMV, they well may give you plates. I'd suggest first trying that. Go to a real rural DMV, ask for plates. If you get them, simply put on the parts needed to be road legal, and go to a laid back inspection place.

You might get lucky, but officially, you cannot convert an offroad only bike to street legal in NY State. I've heard of a few tricks (PM me for details), but your best bet would be to convert it out-of-state and then bring it back. Whatever you do, don't ATV register it. They'll take your MSO and give you a transferrable registration which makes it difficult to convert out-of-state. They also may record your VIN and flag it as ATV (even though the VIN has an indicator digit for that) and never let you street register it in NY even if you converted it in another state.

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