new clarke 3.3 gallon tank questions

I just put a 3.3 gallon clarke tank on my 426.. My question is, if i get another petcock, from which year do i want? And, how do i connect the two fuel lines coming from the petcock, to go into one, with a "T" connection?? Anybody have pics of their setup?

I used an '03-'05 YZ450 petcock on the right side and went forward with the fuel line up over the header and behind the radiator.


Then I modified another '03 petcock on the left to eliminate the T fitting:

On the Clarke tank, the right side petcock sits too close to the head to use an '06 valve, which would run the line rearward, because that valve offsets inward a little and would hit the head.

Did you have a problem with the first setup you had??

I dont need anything fancy, just something that works.

That would be this setup, with the plastic Y in it:


No problem, but it wasn't clean enough for me, and I was concerned about the Y turning brittle.

Ok.. How long did you have that setup like that?? i wonder if i can find a y out of brass or something instead of plastic..

I looked all over, and the only Y that compact was plastic. I didn't look everywhere, though, so rage on if you like. I only have so much time to hunt for stuff. One alternative was to make one from copper tubing, but the way I did it was probably less work. The plastic Y was there for 7-8 months, and is mad to be under an automobile hood, so the risk of it becoming brittle is probably pretty low.

i will try that!! Thanks a lot for the help!!

One other thing, is there an easy way to get this damn tank on? Mine is a pain to get on right where the front of the tank mounts to the frame, those rubber pieces hit where the bolts go through, i have to take off one side mount and get the other side lined up then put the other one on, its a major pain!!

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