Lookin into Barnums Exhaust

I have a 2000 650r 680 overbore, edelbrock, unifilter, stage 2 hotcam, and need an exhaust. Anyone who has the Barnums, is it really loud, will i be able to ride on the street with it, i know the performance is good, i wont lose too much bottom end will i? Is there a site, i found one, but couldnt find the exhaust systems on it. How much is a full system

And all of the Barnums ive seen seemed to have a goldish color, is that how they all are?


I have been trying to contact Barnum's for over a month, with no luck.

I have been trying to contact Barnum's for over a month, with no luck.

I actually called there yesterday with an edelbrock question and a young lady (his wife?) said he would be in and out of the office for the next few months....she was actually quite knowledgeable and helpful about tuning eldlbrock carburetors :banghead: Cool people!!

No one knows anything about the exhaust,,,, are they just hard to come by

I have the Barnum's full exhaust, Rob built my 680,cam, and exhaust 2 years ago, runs flawlessly:thumbsup: . The system is trick, wraps around the left side and comes in silver or other options (blue,white?) ceramic the only # I have is 760 868 8097 Denise may answer she is very knowledgable........It is fairly loud on the street, don't care, I wear earplugs, and loud bikes save lives...The powerband is awesome w/ the cam and eddie carb, although it has been said the stock headers are decent, I had an XR's only system on prior and sold it on E-bay...........



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