Stock bars

I know I need to get rid of my stock bars, but I was wondering if there is a difference in dimensions(handle bars) from an 01 to an 02 ?

NEED to get rid of them? why get rid of em? :D ride with em till you bend em, then worry bout it. just think of it as $60-$120 you could use on something else till you need to. that's like buying a vegematic, but not using it cuz you're worried bout wearing the blades out and not being able to buy replacements. :D

can't talk though. had stockers, went ot renthals. got pro-tapers used dirt cheap (thanks, bro.) now have pro tapers. :D :D

but if you're gonna replace em, i THINK (operative word) the stockers are jsut yz bend (sftermarket "label") most guys buy cr-high i think, but i got yz bend renthals when i got them and they were very comforable, too. it's all rider, so just find something that's comfortable so the fun factor goes (stays) up. handlebars shouldn't make that huge a difference.



( :) vegematic??? where did did i pull that analogy from? :D )lol :D

I respectfully disagree. Good bars make a noticeable difference. Comfort, posture, and reliability. The stockers are just for hanging the controls on to make the bike easier to sell. Best suited as emergency backups in your trailer.

I am average height, 6'0", and found the TAG CR double high's along with adapter spacers made my bike feel much roomier. I also relocated the footpegs @ 1" lower and 1" farther back.

My first hare scramble on the WR made new bars mandatory: I had to finish the last two laps with the throttle side vertical. Really hard on my wrist! The TAGS have taken far greater impacts without bending.

All the stock bars are there for is to get the bike home and to put back on the bike when you sell it again

I use Pro Tapers they dont bend or break

02's are about a half inch lower in rise than the 01's. I bent my stock 02 Wr bars so I replaced them with a set of Renthal 966s which was about the same as the stock 01 Yz bend. They feel about the same as my stock bars. No complaints.

It is mostly a comfort issue. I have ridden an 02 426 and felt the bar positon was more comfortable to me?

TAG crhi bend and the riser/spacer. It was a whole diffrent world after I put those on. Of course the stockers bend if you look at them wait.


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