to Bill

first ,i would just like to apologize to you if i have upset you in anyway with the sarcastic replys i made earlier today.honestly i was just fooling around i didnt mean for them to upset you.i was going to PM you with my apology but since i insulted and made fun of you on public forum.its only fair that i say im sorry and admit i was being a immature idiot on public times i get a little carried away and my sarcastic remarks can be a little more than people can handle.just try and remember im only joking.

that sounds familiar :)

bill,my bike has been out of commission for over month.not being able to ride has leaves me bored ,restless and full of energy.thumpertalk helps me get out somee of that energy its just i get a little carried away.i hope you understand and we can be friends again.come on give me a big hug,it was all in fun.

Oh I guess so :D

Sometimes we all take ThumperTalk a little to serious. I have seen kinds of questions asked over the years. I try not to judge the person or the motive and just answer the question.

No harm, no foul!

Bill :)

thanks,you might get a little satisfaction knowing karma has already punished me.i went to ups to ship motor[i sent to eric gorr]the place was packed.i had to park about 2 blocks from drop off office.then after carrying crate 2 blocks i had to stand in line for 45 for the funny part i must of pulled something in my back carrying that stupid crated motor.when i got home i took a nap for about a 1\2hr before being woke up by a sharp pain in my back i can hardly move,it hurts just typing this post.i guess i probably deserve to suffer a little bit ,but i think carrying motor 2blocks[which weighed 89lbs not 82lbs] and standing in line 45 minutes would has been enough punishment.nobody deserve to suffer like this.anyways ill talk to you later,stirring up trouble on thumpertalk just doesnt seem very appealing to me right going to take a couple motrin and lay down.

Yo Freestyle, didn't you have the bike that the powder coater sandblasted? Was that the motor in the crate? IF so how did that all work out? Mark


My cylinder/top end gets first dibs at Eric Gorr's!!!!!

When in Minneapolis last week, the nearest UPS was 45 minutes away!! :)

I had to send my engine via US Mail on Thursday. The good thing was it was only .50 more than UPS.

Kind of unconventional though...

I am getting a 420 cylinder/piiston kit and a head inspection. Also installing some YZF cams hoping to regain lost HP.:D

azwr426, yes thats the same motor.everything seems to be working out ok.owner of powdwercoating shop asked me to bring my frame so he could send it to be cleaned and he told me to do whatever needs to be done with motor.he was sorry for any incovinence it was causing and he wanted me to have bike fix as soon as possible. <ul type="square">i never even had to ask him if he was going to pay for a damage my bike suffered.he volunteered as soon as i told him i tried my best to clean out frame and motor but nothing seems to work.

the only part that sucks is everyone i called about rebuilding motor is looking at 3 weeks till motor is done. kevin,i think he sends bottom end out for rebuilts so he wont be working on my motor for a week or going with 420 kit also,but i ordered my own [J.E.]piston kit and shipped it with motor.he usually puts wiseco pistons in his big bore kits which are fine.i just prefer J.E. pistons.

I had to send my engine via US Mail on Thursday.

That answers my question, bud :)

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