650L Washout?

Hey guys!

I'm sure most of you have talked about this to death and I am sorry but I can't find the thread. So for me and some other newbies here can we rehash fixing the front end wash? Trying to ride across a hill on my 650L is pretty much a one leg hop all the way. Granted it was fall and some leaves were down but nothing I haven't done on other bikes. It wasn't a very steep hill either. I'm open for tires, new forks, anything.

If you still have the stock death wings on, get some good DOT knobbies. Pirelli MT-21's are excellent(from experience)!

A fork brace will help a little. They are an easy mod to do. About 80 bucks.

Suspension needs to be set up right. Get the right springs for you weight. Also set the sag, this will also help. There are several post here on setting sag. Should be easy to find with the search.

try raising the forks in the triple clams a inch and a half. making a steeper steering angle. it helped on are 650 r.

I dunno IMHO I think the jury is still out on this topic. The Bike has a HUGE Tall Motor and that makes the CG very high, lending to the "tuck and dive feel", I think it maybe can be made to feel a tad better, but overall it is there and is something to learn to live with. I have found that the XRL is best at open trails and dirt (logging roads) anything tight and or MX like and your on the wrong bike.

+1 on the MT-21's if you don't already run them. they provide good traction everywhere except deep mud.

An SRC fork brace is a big plus for the 650L.

wash is ok if it is controlled. problem with this bike is the weak springed pogo stick front end with bad tire heavy motor combo.

#1 bridgestone m401A, (I tried a mt-21 front on my dr-z HATED it. worked much better with a true dirt tire, but you might not have that option.)

#2Much heavier springs front and rear with major revalve work.(front and rear)

also the sea-saw effect in the chassis from the soft suspension makes the steering angle change. The front is never planted at a consistant angle.

Ride a motocross bike and watch the movement of the forks. (don't crash) then ride yours over the same area. You'll see...

Taller bars help too for when the front washes out when your standing you don't get pulled down.

Just my opinion....

Pirelli MT18HD gives you an aggressive dirt tire that is DOT approved.

Front wash is usually an suspension imbalance.

And stock on most Honda dirt bikes the front end is too soft and the rebound is too fast so ya get the worst of both worlds.

Are there any aftermarket forks that are better? BTW thank you guys for all the input!

Are there any aftermarket forks that are better? BTW thank you guys for all the input!

Best bet is getting the correct springs for your weight and having someone revalve them.

Before you do every mod possible to the L, remember you'll never make it handle as well as a dirt only bike. Not knocking the L but it's not going to preform like an off-road specific bike. Don't bash me but get a dual sport R if you want to ride aggressivly.

try raising the forks in the triple clams a inch and a half. making a steeper steering angle. it helped on are 650 r.

what does a steeper steering angle do to the handling in general terms? for example cornering, braking, soft sand, etc. any ideas?

Simply put a sharper steering angle will give you better cornering . But.. you will give up some of your high speed stability and be more prone to the high speed wobble.

Upgrades of using forks off a CR500 or most upside down forks, they inherently are stiffer and have much better valving in them and you can do more with adjustments and all. The weight of the bike doesnt help either. I wouldnt recomend moving the forks in increments of 1 1/2 inches at a time, thats a big change but you can move say 10-15mm at a time and see how you feel the difference. Not sure exactly how much you can move them but there is a limit for sure also.

Thanks again you guys for the input. I think I will try some different springs and a revalve job. I maybe back to try to find someone to do it!

Thanks again! Hubb

I put a Maxxis knobby on the front of my L and it was a totally different bike. It was so much better I just gave the brand new dual sport tire away. Turned the dampers to the middle of adjustment. Steers like a heavy crf now.

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