D-37 Ghost Rider Enduro

For those looking for a great AMA Enduro, this one is coming up next weekend (Oct 20), and it's always good. Kids on Saturday, all adult classes on Sunday. Known as a great fun ride with enough extreme for any AA,A & B riders. Raffle on Saturday night, with a BIG pit party. This was a National in '94.

Just got home from finishing up the course, and loop 1 is SWEEEETTTT!

Teagle Wash Area.

Be there or be square, bring the whole family.


Dano, Sounds fun... That's a fun area. I'll see what I can do to make it.....


You're welcome any time, Dan. Send me an email if you can make it. You probably don't recall my trailer, but I'll give you the details so you can find us if you are coming. We expect Ty, Krause, Hengeveld and a few other hotshots will be there as usual.


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