Street Legal WR 450? Is it possible

Anyone have any info if it is possible to make a WR or YZ 450 California street legal? If so has anyone done it? Have photo's? Who sells the stuff to make it legal etc? Any info appreciated. :)

Check out the recent posts by some of your fellow Californians on the dual sport forum...Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I will check out the Dual Sport section.

There is a guy named Dale who lives in Acton who makes Trick Dual Sport kits for WRs. He could help you with your street legal questions, and he also makes a great kit. Do a search for Trick Dual Sport or dual sport kit and see what you can find. Mike

It is still a bit of a crap shoot in CA so the answer is "it depends". I just got a plate for my KTM 400 EXC and the whole process took just 20 minutes. No problems at all. Various posts in the dual sport forum will explain what paperwork you need to bring to the DMV. Be sure to have everything in order when you get there. If you need the DMV forms just PM me with your email address.

My bike is green and supposedly only green sticker bikes can legally be converted for street use. But even if the WR450 is a red sticker bike, I'd still give it a shot because it might get through. Just do all the DMV stuff before you purchase a dual sport kit and all the stuff to make a bike street legal. Most dealers will do a brake and light inspection and sign the statement of facts without seeing the bike (for $20). Mine does it all the time. If you are successful in getting a plate from the DMV, THEN call Dale and get the Trick Dual Sport kit to comply with all the legal requirements.

Coming directly from the DMV in Sacramento itself, they

will NOT let you street legalize any bike, no matter what, if

it has a 3 or a C in the eighth digit of the VIN.

Pretty black and white!!

Thanks for all the replies. I will give it a try.

so let me get this right.... I have a WR 450 Green stickered, so I just go to DMV and try to get a plate, if i get it call dale and get the dual kit?


There is more reading on this subject than you could do for a week straight.

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