Grabby Clutch '06 YZF

I installed a new clutch using all OEM parts on my buddies '06 YZ450

As I was putting it together I noticed the clutch hub was moving out unevenly when I disengaged the clutch. I checked the torque on the 6 clutch springs and it all checked out. It got progressively better as I played with it.

After I put the cover back on, we started it up and he clicked into first. The bike jumped forward and stalled. After a restart and a quick trip up the street it got better. We havent taken it out on a full ride yet but its bugging me.

We didnt get a good 2-3 hour oil soak on the plates, more like 10mins. Other than that everything was perfect. I've done clutches on several bikes before and this was the first to get me worrying. What do yall think?

A couple things.... If you don't soak the plates for at least a half an hour, they can seize to each other. Also, when you install a new clutch, most of the time you need to adjust the cable.

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