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I have a 1983 XL600R and my cylinder head cover gasket was leaking (the bike has about 17,000 miles on it). I have removed the engine and I am ready to replace the gasket.

While I have the engine out, what type of maintence recommendations should I look at or what types of parts should I replace in the cylinder head area?


Thouroughly inspect the timing chain for any kinking, check the guides and tensioner. Probably should do it if any doubt.

Look inside the gear box for any pitting on gear surfaces(contact patch). If so, better do a complete O/H.

Check over the cam lobes/bearings. Also look well at the rockers.

Just did a complete rebuild on my XR600R, if you are only taking the head cover off I would say take a close look at the cam and the rockers, if you are mechanically inclined at all, it is very easy to remove the cam itself and use a micrometer to check the tolerences and see if anything needs replacing. Check the wear of the cam chain and check the valve stems for blow by of the stem seals by checking inside each of the exhaust ports and intake ports. If anything appears worn or damaged, replace it.

On the XR600 and the XR650L you can take the cover off with the engine in the frame. I thought that you could do the same on the XL600 as well.

If you are only removing the cover to check replace the gasket about the only things that you can inspect are the cam and rocker arms. Look for wear. It's usually pretty obvious. If in doubt take some pictures and post here.

To check out other stuff you have to dissemble further. You can get the cam and tensioner out rather easily. If it's working good I say ride it and fix it when there is a problem.

17,000 miles is a good amount, but not too much for that type of engine. It depends on the maintenance and how hard it was ridden.

All the rubber parts are only good for about 20 years and you are over that. Pay special attention for leaks between the carb and the engine.

17K miles ooof, that's get'n up there. measure the small end of the rod. . I'm sure the stem seals are hard too. Look real close at the small cam chain sprocket for one half of the teeth being worn. That's just for starters...

If I was you I'd pull that bad boy all the way down and inspect EVERYTHING. I pulled one apart a while back, it had about 20,000 miles on it but ran good, just to reseal the cam cover. Put it back together and back in the bike, then, the main case mating gasket started leaking!:banghead:

Cleonard, you do have to pull the engine on the XL600 to remove the cam cover, unlike the later XR600s. Bruce

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