97 xr600 questions.

Looking at a 97 600. Questions on the suspension. Previous owner was shorter than I and lowered it. He replaced the springs front and rear. Back shock seems blown, no rebound or damp. that I could feel w/a quick check, can it be rebuilt? Not sure about what spring is on it but he has another that he thinks is stock but it looks short too. Anyone know what color the stock spring color was? For all I know it may have a non-stock shock on it, its not after market but maybe off another model. I assume the orig. fork springs will raise the front back up, plus raising them up in the triples to stock.

Also it has the burp and stall while idling. How tough is it to eliminate? PS said he "cleaned" the carb. It sarted hard (cold out) ran strong but "burped" stalled when I let it idle. It would start right back up but wanted to repeat. I know these questions have been asked before but I searched and couldn't what I was looking for. Thanks

The spring color changed over the years so it is kind of hard to say. The 600 had a rather unusual spring that was not shared with a lot of other models. Stock springs are easy to come by.

The shock is rebuildable.

The burp and die could be just a partially plugged, just lean pilot, or a low float level. It's hard to say though.

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