Need riding tip

Hey All

I can get around single track, woods, rough terrain, whoops,etc fairly fast, but somedays hill climbs are a mystery. Anybody got some good tips?

I love Hill Climbing....WR's Rock at climbing just about anything. The problem most people make is pulling way too much throttle and getting the back tire spinning, thus loosing traction. I purposely changed my gearing and added a 12oz flywheel weight so that my WR is impossible to stall in the tight stuff or on the side of a hill. Second gear always worked for me when mine was stock and now third is the ticket to the top. I have found on my WR if you keep your weight centered and your shoulders forward on the bike and the throttle steady you can avoid the dreaded up hill wheelie and slide for life as well as loosing traction and getting into a tumble or being sideways on the hill. Adjust your line on the fly by riding atleast 20ft ahead of where you are in reality, this will give you plenty of decision time in the event something pops up ahead of you that you couldn't see from the bottom of the hill, lastly once you commit don't back off the throttle...250 lbs of hot steel really sucks when it rides you back down the hill.

Have Fun...

Bonzai :)

Second day of my recent training we did some hill climbing. What the instructor tried to teach us !

1) Get speed up before it gets steep. Use your momementum to help get you up the hill. Just think of how it feels to try and start moving again on a steep hill once you have stopped....NO. Can you get up the same hill if you keep moving...YES!


3) Stay standing. If you are sitting down you cant move around and more importantly your footpegs arent carrying the weight.

4) DONT lean over your handlebars.

5) The steeper it gets, stay standing, but bend your knees more and lower your body), but dont lean into the handle bars ... you need to keep room for your arms to move around and pull/up, push down on the handle bars. Your arms should NEVER be straight, always flexed. If you are too far forward (over the handebars) you unweight the rear and lose traction. If youbare too far back you lose the ability to control where the front wheel goes.

6) Allow the bike to move around under you, dont try and force it where it doesnt want to go. Go with the flow ! Obviously you have to know where you want to go so LOOK AHEAD but dont fight the bike.

6) Keep your weight on the DOWNHILL side of the bike if you are traversing, either UP or down.

7) Keep the weight evenly on the footpegs if you are going straight up but weight and unweight your footpegs to lean the bike to move left or right.

8) Dont spin the rear tire if you can help it - you lose traction.

9) Always always ride with 1 finger on the clutch. When you need to go slower clutch in and then out, not with the accelerator. Also stops you looping over.

10) Be sure to load the springs of the bike for extra grip when needed. ie little hollows just before and extra steep bit....kind of like little jumps

11) Ride in the wet so you get used to slippery conditions.

Practice steep slow uphills where you have to jockey your weight around. Uphill traverses on open ground (ie not singletrack, just the side of the hill) where the rear end break away are great for this.

Practice picking your bike up. You'll need it.

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The best advice I ever used is:

Stand up or at least get as much of your weight on the foot pegs as you can. It lowers your center of gravity.

Thanks for the tips! I'll try them out next weekend in Koocanusa :)

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