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New (soon to be) owner of a 02 wr 426

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Finally I made up my mind :D. This site helped a lot in making my choice of bike :D. A good deal from a willing dealer and I have to say thanks to my loved one, need I say more 🙂?

I don't intend to do a lot of modifications performance wise. I'm sure I'll have more than enough anything for a while, remember my present ride is a 1978 Sachs 250 wr, I'm in for a big change. It will finally get some rest. Until my 15 years old son grabs it :D.

I intend to ride the bike as stock as possible, for now... :D

I'll add a skid plate, , hand guard, a pro taper bar with the cr rise bars etc... Blue wire if it's hard to start. We'll see.

I'm wondering if the bikes sold in eastern Canada are jetted accordingly ?

I live near Montréal in Québec Canada, where the temperature varies from below freezing up to + 85. But generally I ride from the 40's to the 80's. As for elevation we are near sea level up to 2000ft max.

Thanks again for all the advice

Be safe


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Hi Sylvain,

Congrats on your new purchase. I can only begin to tell you how nice this bike is. I,like you,chose not to do too many mods at a time. It had been a while since I rode so I wanted to adjust to things slowly. Let me warn you on the shock when first riding this bike. It definately has more power than any dirtbike I have ever ridden. After a few rides I removed the snorkel from air box. After a few more I removed air box cover and uncorked pipe. WOW ! Now this is a bike ! I have yet to take things to the next level. Still at WR timing and haven't touched my jetting. Why ruin a good thing? I may try the grey wire eventually. Bike starts great so no need for blue wire.

Anyways, congrats on your new purchase and welcome to Thumpertalk.


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Sylvain,Congrats on the new ride!!! :DI'm from Michigan and I bought my 2002 WR from London,Ontario.My bike ripped right out of the box,the only thing I did was removed the air box baffle and drilled 4 one inch holes in the air box lid and put in UNI-filter vents without the supplied foam filters.Just fine tune the pilot screw if needed.This bike has a great mid-range punch with this set-up and the sealed end silencer is lesss restrictive than the U.S. pipe with the end cap in.You should find the jetting acceptable until you get THAT URGE!!!!WR's are damn-near perfect trail bikes.ENJOY your new purchase 🙂

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