XR 650L short throw clutch

Hey guys!

Another thing I would like to fix is I only have about an inch or less from my clutch being disengaged to fully engaged. Is this adjustable? Slipping the clutch in the tighter stuff is almost impossible.

Nothing you can do about the short throw. It kinda threw me off for a while since it was my first XR 650L. Just something I got used to after a while. I think it might have something to do with the overall powered down feel that the 650Ls have out of the box. Honda just shortened the throw to compensate for the down-tuning they do to that bike at the factory. Otherwise the bike would stall a lot at take off. I've actually done it a couple of times myself.

You might want to experiment with different fingerings. When I pull in the clutch to upshift I usually use only 3 fingers:index,middle and ring. I don't know the dynamics as to why this has a good feel. On the other hand, when I pull in the clutch to downshift I use all four fingers. I found using 3 made the clutch grab too quick on the release.

I drilled the hole in the lever where the cable attaches, larger and offset toward the pivot. then put in a bushing. That moved the cable closer to the pivot. This gives you more travel, and more leverage.

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