Carb grease?

Does anyone know what type of grease is used in our carbs?

IN our carbs?

Forgive me Sabin, but what is "in" our carb?

Sorry Kevin for not being more specific.

I noticed that the FCR carburetor's slide(valve) rollers has some white grease on them. You can also see it on the part that rises the slide.

I was thinking that if I disassemble and completely clean the carb I'll probably wash out that grease with the carb cleaner and I may not have the same smooth operation of the carb afterthat...

So, the question is what type of grease is this that is resistant to gasoline?

Hmmmmmmm, I've cleaned my carb many times, never greased her up. Sort of a good question, but I would really think that you wouldn't want ANYTHING else in your carb except gas. I've never noticed any kind of performance/slide loss due to cleaning.

Dodger :D:)

Hi Sabin,

The grease is probably not resistant to gasoline as it's there as a lubricant and grease is a means to hold oil, which is definitely gas soluable. The trick is that gas doesn't get up above the slide in any quantity except in a really screwed up circumstance that ought to rarely/never occur. There is some chance that it just came out of the bearing shields and ended up wherever the bearings touch. For corrosion protection reasons don't spray/dip/wash the bearings if possible. You'd hate to have anything bind at all in any form inside your carb!! Wash everything else (carb parts) as per normal. The slide I believe operates as hard on hard with no lube to attract grit.

If it's too late, try to get a couple new bearings to install. If you read the markings on the shields they are the part #'s you can relay to your local bearing shop. Shielded and sealed bearings always come pre-lubed, but use shielded again (not sealed) to reduce rolling friction. Make sure the slide and passage are spotless during reassembly or any grit could cause scoring and binding.

10x techman,

it's not too late. I'm cleaning it tonight...

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