Some Day's Life Sucks ! The Cherokee Hare Scramble

As I posted earlier, Yesterday was the Cherokee Hare Scrambles in Greensboro Georgia. Lane and I arrived at the racecourse on Saturday at noon so that we could setup camp and walk the 7.8-mile course that was being finished. It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to walk the course (Big Mistake….Lane got a blister on his foot….And I found out that my muscle tear in my right leg was not completely healed yet) anyway, they had not received any rain for three weeks but the course was Fantastic….I had never seen such a wide open HS course, for much of it you could have driven a truck through it….The last three miles was rutted and rooty and just over 4 wheeler width though….even had a long blast through a chicken house!!! Awesome. Well having been stupid and lost at least 40% of my stored race energy, we limped back into camp…..otherwise life was good, friends started arriving about 6pm and we BBQ’s , set up volleyball for the teenagers and had a good evening, life was good.

Then, at 3am I started hearing a tink, tink, tink, sound on the roof of my race trailer (also known as Motel 829) I thought to myself , no problem just a light sprinkle to knock down the dust… 4am my wife awoke me to let me know that all hell had just broken loose….My trailer was shaking from a Monsoon that had suddenly started….Man it was blowing and raining cat’s and dogs….I opened the door and put a cup on the ground so I could get an idea of how much rain we were getting….meanwhile, tents were collapsing, tables were being knocked over and the five kids we had with us were soaked….(They were in tents) The rain fell until 6:15am, my cup told me that we had received just over 3 inches of rain….This was definitely going to change that fantastic course for sure….

Well after several delays….(some people just can never show up to a race on time) because of lines at rider registration the 10am race got underway at 11am. For the first 6 rows the first turn looked like a Laurel and Hardy movie , the solid clay course had turned into a slippery snotty Ice Rink, and all of us just knew what was coming by all the crashes in the first turn. The first lap was, well lets just say that graceful is not one of my trait’s…..I busted my butt at least 3 times before I reached snot hill, where the rocket scientist in front of me decided to just STOP! He was moving and could have made the top of the hill but he just STOPPED!…..The chain reaction that followed was very ugly! I hit his rear tire, which spun my bike sideways on the trail, then the unthinkable happened …..The whole world hit me and used my bike and right ankle as extra traction going up the hill….I vaguely remember using some prohibited language and kicking a passer by or two….By the time the ordeal was over I was the only one left laying on the hill….I think 100 people passed me. My energy was zapped and my right ankle hurting like hell, I picked up my YZ 400 DOORMAT and hobbled up the rest of the hill.

The final laps were nothing more than parading the mud monster round and round…..I had lost so much time on the hill that even ripping as fast as I could didn’t help much. I did feel pretty good about finishing, and hell I didn’t even finish last there must have been 30 folks that just quit on the side of the trail and my friend back at the trailers told me that at least that many more quit after the first lap….Oh well it was fun ….and I got another chance to see my hero Randy Hawkins rip up the (Prepped and dried Track) during the afternoon race. This we call FUN….it’s no wonder most folks think were ALL NUTS!

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Bonzai :)

Just 4 you #711 (Lane Wilson) I'm in the middle of each of the first 2 photo's





I Know, I know...That's COLD AS ICE BABY! :D

Bonzai :)

My fellow TT'er and "track-mulch": To sacrifice one's own body for the benefit of your fellow riders...the additional traction you provided was invaluable, I'm sure...Knobbies leave really cool bruise patterns, though. Are you now limping harder on one leg or equally on both? What happened to the gomer that just stopped in front of you? Leave him hangin' by his boots in the chicken house? :)

As for exposing Lane after he was sporting enough to give everyone a head start...well, lets just say I'd be careful any time he's armed with a camera in the future! :D I had the exact problem in my first H.S. on the WR. Must have started it, one kick, half a dozen times while nervously waiting at the line...The one that mattered didn't happen :D.

Just got my scanner working again....Here's the first corner pic....Atleast I started out right anyway....




Bonzai :)

KAZE, sounds like a rough day to me. Too bad the rains couldn’t have waited 10 hours or so. Take care of that ankle!

Kaze, what a great story! I love reading things like this. Also, thanks for the pictures. Paul

Here's my start. :)

.... I'll get it in a minute...

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