It was great getting to race.....well slide with you yesterday. It was let's say interesting to watch you go by while laying in the mud with everyone running over me....

Sorry I didn't get to talk to you before I left. I was talking to Randy Hawkins when the pain in my left ankle got really bad and the wife made me get on the road.

How did your buddy do in his class...I know he was still kickin butt when I left....Man that guy is fast...Lane and I watched him blast out of the checkpoint a couple of times.

Lets do it again.....


Dude, I had a blast. Sorry I didn't get to see you wallowing on the hill... :) of course, that was right after I passed you. I hope I didn't add to or start the problems for you. :D Mark was doing awesome in his class (250B). By the end of the second lap he was 2nd in class and 12th overall B. When I was waiting on him to come through the third time I saw the guys he was catching and waited and waited and never saw him until about 20 minutes later he came limping in with a boken handlebar. His renthals broke at the clamp on the throttle side when he lowsided and clipped a root with his bar. At this point I have lost all respect for renthal bars. Too many easy bends and now this easy break... I'll stick to my pro tapers. Bill, it was great to meet you and I look forward to doing it again.


If you decide to to the Little Brown Jug next month let me know. I was talking with Lane (My Race Partner) and we agreed to swap over the front forks/Tripple Clamp and the Scotts from the WR to the YZ like you and I were talking about....Makes better sense as I can get my feet on the ground with the YZ much better than on the WR. Plus the YZ is faster in the woods. The WR will still make a great back up bike...I don't ever want to have to tear bikes down in the field like that again if I can help it... I guess we'll get stared on it after I take a couple of days off to let the swelling go down on my ankle.

Oh Yeah, Let me know what happens with the tire deal you were telling me about....If the prices are right I'll throw some business your way for sure..

Bill :)

Hey 'kaze,

Sorry to butt-in, but you just mentioned a real curiosity to me: I noticed when I climbed aboard my friend's YZF that it seemed, no,it WAS shorter than my WR. No suspension mods on either bike. I liked the feel of his a lot better. What's the deal?

My YZ sits a full 2 inches lower than my WR....With no Frame or suspension mods as well. I even have my forks up in the triple clamp on my WR by 1/2 inch. I just guessed that the WR was built taller for ground clearance in the woods that the YZ didn't need in an MX mode. The YZ did great in the woods yesterday, I had a technical problem with the WR....The Compression Cable broke...and it was the only extra part not in my tool chest...Then after the rain my YZ had the wrong tire on it for the conditions, So I swapped out the WR's 18 inch tire and Chain for the 19 inch of the YZ...Which lowered it a little more...It felt great, after the first 1000 yards or so I wished I had pulled the 14 tooth front sproket and replaced it with a 13, which I'll do next time, to make 4th gear usable and require alot less clutch work....My clutch hand kept getting numb from all the work.

I think creating a hybrid out of the YZ just might be the combination I was looking for in height and power...We'll see.

Bonzai :)

Thanks for the info Yamakaze! This is very interesting and encouraging to me, though possibly very old news around here. I am going to try to find out exactly what mods/swaps I need to do to get mine to YZ height. The back wheel sounds like one difference. I think Michelin tires tend to have a lower, wider profile? I may try one of theirs on the stock rim first. I know a typical 16" pickup rim/tire combo is taller than a 16.5". But you said the WR's 18" did sit lower than the YZ's 19"...and that, too, makes sense... :)

Keep us posted on your hybrid. Maybe do some before and after measurements? I need to measure from front axle center to the top of the fork cap on mine and a YZF; same for the rear shock eye to eye. I'll gladly swap a little ground clearance (nothing a heavy duty skid plate won't fix) for a more comfortable ride height/kickstarter height. MXTuner would probably know about any spring/suspension differences? I doubt the frames are different.


Sorry I did not make it out, after talking to you I went home and started checking out the bike to get it ready for sunday but my bike did not want to play as I had a big pool of fork oil under it and a rear flat. It sound like you had a good time wish I could have been there. Think I'm going to buy me a new bike as I'm tired of having fork problems it seems like I ride it twice its time to replace the fork seals, maybe I will move over to the dark side I mean 4 stroke side.


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