Running Poorly

My bike has about 400 miles on the following jetting: DVP needle #5 position, 165 mj, 38 pj. I switched to this jetting after going to yz timing. The bike has always run great and started on the first kick.

On Sat. The bike ran fine but each time I shut it down it was harder and harder to start. Once started it ran fine. Until I messed w/the pilot screw. Then it ran very lean and idled high. If I tried to turn the idle down it would just stall. In the end I could only get it to start w/the hot start on and turn the idle up. I changed the plug w/the same results.

I diassembled the carb and cleaned it. The air filter was fine, not over oiled. I have only had the bike out on a few short street runs in the past two months.

There was alot of mud and crap in the tps connector straped to the frame. The carb was spotless except a little crud in the tps cover but in my opinion not enough to make it run bad. I have not had a chance to test the bike yet. When I do it will be on a fresh tank of gas.

Does anyone know, if the tps connector had a bad connection would I experience these symtoms. I have had the bike out in temps from the 40s to the 90s w/out any problems. Sat. was about 65 degrees. I don't see how it could be a jetting problem.

Hey Tim,

You were wondering how my carb was set up, this is what the guy who sold it to me recalled:

Needle: EKP 4th clip

Main: 170

Pilot: 48

Pilot: Air 100

Hope you can get it sorted soon.

Btw, I got my bike inspected this morning at the Mobile- I'm fully legal now! :)

OK, I tested and it fired up on the first kick w/the choke on. It ran great and started several times on the first kick right after shutting it down. If I waited several minutes I had the same starting problems. The only way I could get it started was to pull in the decomp lever, kick through several times, pull the hot start and turn up the idle. A little gas ran out of the carb overflow line. I assume because of all the kicking. I did check the float level which was fine.

Don't know if this can be related, but I also fried my Baja Designs voltage regulator. The signals would not blink if the bike was running. They blinked fine when the bike was shut down. I tested the regulator and it is putting out AC voltage. Now the signals won't blink when the bike is not running. I think the flasher fried also from the AC voltage.

Anyone have this type of starting problems? I could not find a problem w/the carb.

Is there something in the electrical system that effects the starting circuit?


The "D" taper is better suited to WR timing. Try to find an EKP.


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