Tusk Oil Filters

That's so new it's not in the online fiche yet, even for the '08. If that's the tagged PN, the full PN would be 5D3-13440-00-00. The last set of digits is frequently dropped on package tags when they are zeros.

For a dollar apiece, they'd be an option, for sure. I still think I'd chose the stainless mesh approach over paper, just because of the absolute vs. multi-pass question I addressed in the link I posted. But that would certainly take the cost of filters issue off the table, wouldn't it?

I think you just let a very large cat out of the bag there.

That's only because you are not seeing it. Try what Gray sugggested with draining the oil from the filter and inspecting it in a good light source. I think that you will see what he trying to say.

If you take the filter, freshly changed and put it in a clean glass of kerosene, swoosh it around for a while, you'll see all kinds of metal flakes float around and settle at the bottom.


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