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Hello! I'm new here to this forum. I just made a deal with my buddy to sell me his 86 xr600. I saw it about 2 years ago and asked him how much he would sell it for. Finally last week he gave in and told me to name a price. The bike is in great condition and has been taken really good care of. I think it has less than 6500 miles on it and I would be the 3rd owner. The first to are both mechanics who are fanatics about maintenence! I looked on E-bay and Craigslist and figured 850 would be a low but fair offer. He agreed and I should get time to pick it up from his storage shed(where he keeps it in the winter) in the next couple of weeks! I can't wait!! Clear title and ready to plate with 2 sets of wheels and tires, on and off road.

So what do you guys think? Did I get a deal? What are the things to watch with these bikes? Any suggestions are welcome! As soon as I get it I'll post some Pics!!

Thanks in advance

Ryan :banghead:

$850 is a great deal for a clean bike.

Be kind to the trans on that bike and always use the clutch when shifting. 2sd and 3rd gears are a known problem for an 86, but usually only on high mileage bikes.

Is there a fix for the trans if and when it does fail?

Is there a fix for the trans if and when it does fail?

a rebuild might work?

You did get a good price.:banghead:

Congrads on the new bike!!! :banghead:

Now the moding starts!!!!....piston, cam, carb, exhaust, suspension....... it never ends!!!!!!!!!!!! :busted:

Is this bike a dual carb? I can't remember what year they stopped...

Cleonard is right about the bottom end on these bikes. If the bike doesn't want to start, don't sit there and kick and kick and kick and kick. I have had a few mid-80's XR's and XL's, and the bottom ends don't hold up as well as the newer and older XR's/XL's. I have had 3 different bikes where the bottom end was toast, either from someone else (2), and one from me (oops)...

Anyway, its a good bike, and makes more than enough power...

yeah, way to go! I just got a 97 a few months ago and I still have not been able to take it out for a ride. :banghead: hopefully soon though.

Good score!

I'm really excited to get it!! I don't know yet if it's got two or just one carb. I'll look when I get it this week! As far as the mods and wrenching goes.....I can't wait!! I have a few toys and never enough spare time to keep them all running, that's why it will be nice to add another honda to my collection! But my all time wish, I just saw on E-bay last month, a cr500 that was street legal:worthy: That would be incredible! But I'll take the xr for my street machine. I'll post back as soon as I get it!!

Congrats on your new bike ! I just bought mine 3 mos. ago. its a 98 XR600R it makes one heck of a great "scooter" plated !There great fun. Thanks for the heads up on the CR500 (street) I am going to check it out I spent years on that bike and could not get it street legal here in ca. Good Luck :banghead:

Funny enough that is where it was for sale at! CA!!:banghead:

Just got off the phone with my friend! I'm getting it tomorrow after he gets off from work! I hope the weather isn't too bad!

I know! The Picture of the two SM's having a face off has been making my drool for the last week!!!:banghead:

:banghead: I got it!! But it turned out to be an XL600r. Still in great shape! Just needs some cleaning! Pics are in my garage so check it out and let me know what you think!

Welcome & congrates!. Let the tinkering begin.

Fellow Buckeye....OGB

So I was itchin to go for a ride so yesterday after work I took it for a spin! WOW!!! What a fun bike! I didn't think it would be as fast a turquey as it was! I got cold pretty quick but was having so much fun I stayed out for about an hour! When I got home I was thinking about heated grips and seat!!! All in all I'm really happy with this bike. I think the first thing on the list is a pipe of some sort. Anyone recommend any? :cool:

I really like anything from WB. Also look at XR's full system. If you want the ultimate(non-packable muffler) go with staintune. That setup is over 8 bills.

Wasn't thinking of 8 bills!!! But I want a free flowing but not too loud exhaust.

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