New to the club!

WB E2.:cool:

Free flowing-not too loud? Try FMF Q2. Nice compromise. Friend has WB on his L and for my liking it's just a tad loud. I'm quite happy with my Q2 but I'm probably a little biased. We've bought enough Fat Boys and Gnarly's off of them. We like their stuff. IMHO. OGB

You got a great deal. The red/white/blue bikes with red engines are somewhat sought-after models. My 500 has a 4" supertrapp which is nice and quiet at low to mid-throttle but barks loud at WOT, the great thing about some of these aftermarket pipes is you can add or remove plates (disks) to make it louder or quieter but this will affect high-end power and low-end torque conversely. There are many exhaust options out there for your bike. Nice ride - congratulations!

I really like anything from WB. Also look at XR's full system. If you want the ultimate(non-packable muffler) go with staintune. That setup is over 8 bills.

Staintune is good - 100% stainless steel, no maintenance, will outlast your bike. Good sound with removable noise restrictor.

You can get slip-on muffler only, a lot cheaper than the full system.

I was thinking about a slip-on. I think the header is fine, just some surface rust. So I'll sand and paint it. I had a Warrior atv that had a supertrap on it, and I always came home with ringing ears! I was thinking something like the WB. Or maybe I should look at the FMF. That is what I have on my Cannondale. It sounds great, but is still not made to be street legal. I'm sure that they have something to offer me. I guess I need to do some homework!!

Oh, never heard of Staintune? Are they good?

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