Gasklet Set Question will XL600 from 1985 Fit 1983

Quick question,

I need a complete gasket set. My bike is a 1983 XL600R and I located a gasket set that will fit a 1985 Xl600R. Are these gasket sets interchangeable?


I'm pretty sure that they will fit. As far as I know there were no changes during the 83 through the 87.

You can always go to the gasket set manufacturers website and check.

Yeah should be right.These darn Gasket sets are getting hard to come by down my neck of the woods.I'm doing up an XL600 83 motor at present and have had no end of trouble getting them.Whats you guys recomendations for a manufacturer or supplier of them..

The last time I checked honda still has some of them.

But they are getting thin when I did a search.

Stock up on em why you can, that's what I'm going to do.

Good advice...I can pretty much make any of the paper ones but those two metal jobs are the main problem.The Honda parts store I deal with did find some and are bringing them in from your area but it's taken a hell of a long time..Very inefficient.

Sometimes I wonder if I could perhaps make them out of Copper sheeting of the right density/malleability??sp..

I think the one that's getting hard to get is the one on the side of the head.



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