4 Gal IMS Tank Graphics

I got an 07 XR650L a few months ago. I did the mods and got an IMS 4 gal tank. I got some XRs Only graphics and the directions on the graphics say I need to have the tank empty and clean before putting the graphics on. Does this need to be done? I dont want to empty the tank just to put the Graphics on.

I believe it says to empty it because fumes leaking through the tank will soften the adhesive and not allow them to stick and dry like they should.

I would run it as low to the bottom as you can and then leave the gas cap off so that fumes have an outlet, then apply.

Does the tank fit your bike good. Everything line up OK. I am thinking of getting one for my 07L.

The tank fits good. The lower braces that hook the tank to the frame dont line up and need a bit of bending to get it to line up right. The metal is not that thick so it was not that hard to make it work.

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