2007 WR450F Suspension Upgrades??

I tried to do a search on this topic but, didn't find the answers I am looking for. I just got a new 07 WR450 I am 6'4" 230-235lbs (with no gear). I have not been offroad with the bike yet but, from previous experience most dirt bikes are not suspended for people my size. What modifications are you guys doing to the WR suspension. Is a spring change front and back along with a fork oil change enough? I'm 40 years old and won't be jumping any triples, the bike will see the track once in a while but, mostly trails and hills. I called one suspension shop and it's looking like $550 for front and rear with revalving. I will spend the money if it's needed. If a spring change will do the trick then I will order the parts and do it myself. I don't want to do the springs and then later do the revalve, might as well do it all at once while everything is brand new. Any input would be appreciated.

I just got back from my Pro-Action suspension guy, he showed me what he was going to change as far as the shim stack goes and the difference in the Pro-Action valving and the stock one. I am having the springs upgraded for my size as I am your twin in the weight dept. I rode for one summer on the stock suspension and I have to say the front end dflection with the sag set just in the limits was not confidence inspiring. He showed me the stock versus the 3 stage shims he was gong to put in and the fork valve is way different. The stock shims are too stiff and the stock valve flows too much oil and alows the bike to blow through the suspension on hard hits and due to the heavy stock shims the small stutter bumps cause a very harsh feel to the suspension because they don't give and allow the oil to flow as soon as it should. If the suspension is like my old 426 that had his tricks installed, then I will be very happy with alot less arm fatigue. Hope this helps, my '02. -- WR Dave.


I read that whole post before I decided to start a new more specific thread.


Sounds like your suspension guy knew exaclty what to do. That is good information. If you don't mind me asking what did it cost to get the work done?

Due to the Canadian dollar and shipping costs etc. the work performed here will be around $700.00. Not cheap by any means and the reason I rode one summer on the stockers, but it is one of the best "bang for your buck" things you can do for your bike IMHO. Once my guy (pro-action) showed me the difference in the parts it was really no decision at all. The stock valving and shims on the WR are marginal for the rider weight it was designed for at best. The upgraded system is much better for my(or any) type of riding. WR Dave.

Try ESP in La cresenta. George is more off an offroad specialist. The number is 818-249-6744.

try them i may since the guy that owned acme passed away.

7d, Iam also the same weight and height as you. I rode my 07 this last season with the stock springs, oils and just played with the fork and rear shock settings and that worked out ok but as I started to ride the bike a bit harder and faster it was clear that I will need at the very least a stiffer rear spring and front springs and oil. Good luck.

Well I just spoke to Norcal Motorsports (KTM dealer) and I am pulling the suspension off in a few minutes to take it to them. I was looking for a somewhat local dealer (driving distance), and I read a lot of good stuff about their suspension work. From the phone call it looks like new springs and a re-valve for $600. They suggested a .48 for the front (which is the heaviest available) and a 5.8 for the rear. 1 week turn around as well. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.


I read that whole post before I decided to start a new more specific thread.


Sounds like your suspension guy knew exaclty what to do. That is good information. If you don't mind me asking what did it cost to get the work done?

sorry i didn't know you already wnt throught this thread. good luck:thumbsup:

I have to get my bike to George before I ride again..

Ok I said I would chime back in after getting the suspension done and going for a ride. First off, I dropped my shock and fork tubes off at Norcal Motorsports last Friday, they told me it should be done in a week (meaning the following Friday). I get a call Tuesday morning and they say my stuff is done. VERY good customer service, great people to deal with.

I took the bike out yesterday and the suspension works EXTREMELY well. It felt plush (my knees don't even hurt) soaked up everything. Since I didn't take the bike offroad with the stock suspension it's hard for me to compare but, I am 100% pleased with the work they did for me. I ran it the way they had it set and didn't even adjust the settings, it was that good. The bike went where I pointed it even when going over rocky, chopped up areas. I actually stared hitting things to see just how good it would work. It sure makes a rider a lot more confident when you know what to expect from the bike.

The best money I could have spent on the bike.

I got 07 SSS YZ forks on E-bay for 380.00 shipped. I still haven't had a chance to re-valve for the desert. Out of the box these forks are better then anything you can do to old forks IMHO. Jeff S

Jeff, The SSS forks may be a better/newer design but, I weigh 230lbs and either way I would need a spring change and probably a re-valve. So I could have bought a used set of forks for ~$400 and then put another $300-400 into them to make them right for me. I knew what I was starting with and where I wanted to be. The re-worked 07 suspension is fine for me at at this time.

Could you tell me what brand oil, weight and oil height they set yours at? Thanks.


I don't know what brand oil but it is 5wt. (looking at the invoice). Forks C-18 R-12 oil 90mm, CL-7 RL-3. Shock R-12 C-14 H-2. I hope all this means something to you.

Beutiful! Thanks Royce.:cool:

I have the same weight problem. I didn't have the $600 to get everything done. My mechanic felt that he could make a significant improvement with eibach springs and changing the oil weight and level. It is going to cost me $200 less by skipping the valves.

Edleftat80, It's not a weight PROBLEM, LOL. The problem is these bikes are built for lighter guys. You might be fine with an oil change and springs, that was going to be my first choice. Let me know how it works out. I got a great deal on my bike so I figured putting $600 into it I was still ahead of the game.

Is the 2008 YZ 450 rear spring stiffer than the WR? I can get one and change them out unless I need to go further since I am 6' 4" and 280# I use up 1/3 of the rear travel when I sit down. LoL

I still have a few turns on the nut above the rear spring. I guess I need to bottom it out and see what that does.

I can tell you that at 280# you will need a stiffer spring. The putting more pre-load on the spring isn't really going to help you. You can buy a new spring and install it yourself for $110. Check the Race Tech website and see what spring they recommend and then order it. You will have a much better ride and won't bottom out all the time.

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