426f to 450f look

Ok i got

450f subframe (no bolts come with it, ebay) Can i use my 426 or i need to order 450f bolts?

got Hurricane plastics

Need to make brackets for the 03-05 Tank, i also going to make a carbon fiber cover for the tank so i can apply the Hurricane graphics.. More pics of it later.

03 seat

03 Airbox, Can i use the 2001 air boot?

How about the exhaust? is it going to work with the new subframe mounts or i need to get 03-05 slipon? Right now i have e-Series slipon.

I also have 03-05 rear Master cylinder.

Ill post pics when i done with it.

I can supply you with a CAD drawing my shop did to laser cut the brackets.

I used stainless and it almost looks factory.

If you want it I can PM it to you.....

Also, you can use the same subframe bolts, but you will need to shave down the subframe at the top where it mounts to the frame above the shock. I think I removed 5mm from each side.

Tks PM me the template and dimentions if you can...

Done it...




This how it looked before.


Looks pretty good, how's the carbon fiber tank cover coming?

You going to be doing an old school white with red look?

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