Alternative for odometer cable

I like my odometer but I dont like the cable hanging out the way it dose. a branch snagged it while I was in 4th gear and I almost had a spectacular get off.

Anyone have a fix for this or some other alternative for counting miles?

The Trail Tech computer has been a choice for a bunch to TTer's. They were available in the TT store right here on the website. I haven't checked lately.

I am a gadget freak and run a GPS mounted on the handle bars.

They have a little plug for the hole, allowing you to remove the cable.

Yeah, the trailtech is very good - still uses a cable but the sensor mounts to your brake caliper so the trailtech cable follows the brake cable exactly.

I snagged the cable on my IT and resulted in similiar expierence.

I'm gonna install the Trail-Tech on my WR as soon as I am confident that it is reliable. Feedback from other Trail-Tech users would be much appreciated.

I have a very large fishing reel mounted on the back of my bike with pieces of tape marking of every 100 yards. As I ride it unreels so when I stop all I have to do is look at the nearest tag and find out how far I have gone. Works great except I have to stop every couple of thousand yards and rewind it.

I have the TrailTech system on my bike, and it works perfectly. You have to "dial in" the distance setting for your front tire, but after that, it is very accurate, small, and so far, very durable.

The downside is that the backlighting only comes on for about 5 seconds, and that sometimes just is not enough.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the unit a 9.

Make sure you get the "Endurance" model, and not the "Panoram" unit that is manufactured for bicycles.

They may look the same, but they are not.

One of the best things about the unit is the customer service that TrialTech offers. They are helpful on the phone, and I have heard several people here state that they have had great response from the company when the a unit did fail.


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