Sad days no more....

So I went last night and checked out the 03' yzf 450 I spoke of prior.... Wow is all I can say, I was wrong, this thing doesnt have 8 - 10 hrs on it, it has no more than 3 hrs or so on it, the thing was immaculate, the rear tire was brand new (original), not hardly one chunk of rubber missing, edges still cut, not rounded... frame was immaculate down at the pegs, covers unscaved, etc... brand new Ti fmf exhaust system, Pro Taper bars. It is covered in cobwebs, and the bowl leaks due to sitting for over a year, the bars are tweaked ( forks twisted in clamps im sure ). The thing is brand new, not even broken in yet im sure....:banghead:

So he's holding firm on $3500.00....and there was another guy there while I was incase I dont want it...anyone have some input? Im thinking its top dollar, but considering it's in the condition it is, probably worth it,... Anyone disagree? I'm supposed to pick it up this afternoon, go though it, fire it, ride it, then decide for sure...

How's the stock suspension gonna be for a 190 lb guy?

A guy named Shawn is coming over tonight at 8pm to pick up my KTM 520, $1000.00 ...really gonna miss that bike, as much as I cursed it when I had to pick it up off the ground, or when the suspension wouldnt take the hard hits, I really loved it overall....

Mike Conser

I understand it's pristine, but I bought my second '06 for $3800 with the OEM tires still on it, and onlt about 10% worn. It had been ridden twice, ever.

$3500 is a bit more than top dollar, and as an owner of each, stock for stock, the '06 is a VASTLY better trail bike than the '03.

Gray is right, check the market, you cant hardly give a bike away right now, I think you could find something newer for the same price. From what I remember the 03's were pretty radical, I dont think its gonna make as good of a trail bike as one of the newer ones.

On the suspension question, 190 (without gear) is just at the top end of the range that stock YZ suspension is set up for. You're OK with the OEM springs unless you're a killer C class MX'er or faster than that.

$3500 is way too much for a 03. If some other buyer is willing to pay that, then let him have it.

If you're willing to buy an older bike, get a 01 or 02 426 for a lot less than $3500 and you'll have a green sticker, too!

I paid 5K even for an 07 in July that had been ridden maybe twice, still had paint and "little knobies" on the tires so I would say 3K or less

if you like it buy it. Only you know if its right for you.

In the SF Bay Area craigslist there is a 2007 yz250f and 450f that are like brand new for $3800 each. Might wanna check that out! I would if I had the money:rant:

I do not know what the economy is like in your area, but it sucks here in Michigan and bikes are not on the top of most peoples priority list.

With that being said, I paid $3800 for a brand new 05 YZF450 this past September. It was new old stock. I found it on e-bay.

If it is as nice as you say, I would imagine around here it's worth about $2900 give or take a litttle.

P.S. He also threw in a new helmet.

I bought an '02 YZ 426 a couple of weeks ago here in Jax, FL for $2500.

50 hrs+/-, tons of gear - helmet, fox boots, chest protector,(I needed all this stuff) parts for a top end rebuild, 2 stands, on and on.... It seemed like an ok deal, I don't know for sure. Similar bikes I found on line are priced higher and lower.

Love the bike, it's a rocket - makes me smile.

Pass on the 03 , you'll find something outthere better for the same money.

That 03 is waaaaaay over priced!

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