'04 WR Front Wheel fit on '07?

Okay, I hate to post such a lame question in a new thread, but my search didn't provide a conclusive answer...

Will a front wheel off an 04 WR450 fit on a 07 WR450??

I would guess that it would, but don't know if the odo pickup in the hub was redesigned for the new electronic speedo/odo/computer.

Anyone? Help save my weekend ride!


The hub from what I can recollect from my 04' looked pretty much the same in terms of the ODO pick - up side. All you can do is try, for the weekend if it does not work, see if you can pick up a YZ spacer and take off your ODO cable...

Here's a comparison of the 2004 WR-450F and 2007 WR-450F part numbers:

Hub, Front: - Identical

Bearing: 2004= 93306-90403-00 2007= 93306-90409-00

Spacer, Bearing: - Identical

Oil Seal: - Identical

Rim: 2004= 94416-21003-00 2007= 94416-21018-00

Spoke Set, Front: - Identical

Spacer, Bead: - Identical

Axle, Wheel: 2004= 5BE-25181-00-00 2007= 1C3-25181-10-00

Collar, Wheel: 2004= 5NY-25183-00-00 2007= 5TJ-2510C-80-00

Gear Unit Assy: 2004= 5NG-25190-50-00

Sensor, Speed: 2007= 5TJ-83755-C0-00

Nut: 2004= 90179-16672-00 2007= 90179-16011-00


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